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HarlequinSome people are using Arlen Specter as an example of what happens to a party that demands “purity”.  Instead it’s a perfect example of “beltway think”.

You see Arlen feels his 29 years as a Washington Weasel entitles him to another six regardless of his constituents.

He is a valuable unique man.  A Galtian architect of policy.  A super hero of moderate conservatism and upholder of the two party system.

A thoroughgoing Villager with no connection to the voting public he supposedly Represents.

He actually represents only those interests who promote and provide his lifestyle of privilege and uses his power only to protect them from the righteous wrath of the shafted 99%.

What an aristocrat.

What a vain pompous ass.

How typical.


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  1. So I could have Future Published right at noon, but if I Future Promote I get to post a Vent Hole.

    • Edger on April 29, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    Specter also asserted that he would not be an automatic 60th vote for Democrats in the Senate.

  2. loves them some Arlen. Arlen loves to come home and brag about how he is in the Appropriations Committee, gets all kinds of money for the state, and blah blah blah. If you vote for the newbie, Pennsylvania will not be represented as well.

    It’s a strong, if not (small d) democratic argument. Does idealism and reform trump thinly veiled greed?

    The 2010 election is going to be interesting. This will be a referendum on the man and not the party. He would lose a primary against Toomey as the 12 percenters come out in force (in closed primary). Pennsylvania also has a sore loser law, so there is no second chance.

    If the Democratic majority in the state wants to send Specter back for round seven, so be it.

    I agree, though. This was primarily about politics, not ideology. However, the Republican Party leadership was on Specter’s case every time he stepped out of line. I’m surprised he stayed with the party of Lincoln Rove this long.

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