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Expose: Former Top Navy Psychologist Involved in Pre-9/11 Prisoner Abuse Case

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A well-known spokesman for ethical interrogations by psychologists in national security settings was himself accused in 2001 of unethical behavior for his part in the interrogation of a suspect in an espionage case. Dr. Michael Gelles was at the time the Chief Forensic Psychologist for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). His work on the investigation of Petty Officer Daniel King was referred for ethical violations by King’s civilian attorney, Jonathan Turley, to the Ethics Office of the American Psychological Association, who declined to follow up the charges.

Lieutenant Robert A. Bailey of the Judge Advocate’s Corps, and one of two military attorneys for Mr. King, described the interrogation techniques used on his client as “abusive” and “unconstitutional.” The conditions of King’s custody were “intrusive, threatening, and illegal… coercive and inescapable.”

Daniel King was a Petty Officer and Navy cryptanalyst who was arrested for espionage in October 1999. The cause was an inconclusive, or “no opinion” polygraph examination made after he finished his assignment in Guam and was returning to the United States. The administration of such polygraphs is routine when exiting a high-security clearance assignment. King was subsequently incarcerated for 520 days without formal charges.

Random Japan


Astronaut Takao Doi has called it a day, putting down the space suit for good at the age of 54. He will serve in a UN post in Vienna in the “Office for Outer Space Affairs.”

Diplomat Yukiya Amano was chosen to head up the International Atomic Energy Agency, also in Vienna, marking the first time a Japanese person was picked for the job. I see a Doi-Amano lunch date down the road here…

“Green” comedian Kampei Hazama made it to New York on his Earth Marathon, part of an undertaking in which he plans to sail and jog around the world.

Four Chinese were collared in a ¥300 million operation that was producing thousands of fake passports and alien registration cards.

Ishikawa Prefecture enacted a law banning the use of cellphones by elementary and junior high school students.

Makoto Yuasa, the unofficial “mayor” of the tent village set up for jobless and homeless people last year in Hibiya Park, is now out of a job himself after the organizing committee that started the venture disbanded.

More than 84,000 people attended a memorial service at Tokyo’s National Stadium to pay their respects to actor/singer Yujiro Ishihara, who died in 1987 at the age of 52. Ishihara was the younger brother of Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara.

Pieces of an Islamic vase dating back to the eighth century were uncovered in Nara, leading one professor to claim that the area was part of the ancient “Silk Road of the Sea.”

In other archeological news, a wooden “baggage tag” from the seventh century was unearthed in South Korea, leading researchers to conclude that Korea had close links back in the day with what is now Osaka.


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A Sweet Profile

Lynn Sweet “Surprised” Obama Said Cambridge Cops “Acted Stupidly”

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It was not the first time.  Many individuals fear it will not be the last.  Last evening, during a Presidential press conference, millions witnessed the characteristic wonderment that is Lynn Sweet.  Whilst citizens in this country anxiously awaited more words from the President on what, for most is truly a tangible issue, Health Care coverage, Ms Sweet decided to move the conversation in her own memorable manner.  Provocateur , otherwise known as Chicago Sun Times Columnist Lynn Sweet did as she often does.  She changed the subject.  

The Gates Arrest

Ok.  I’m really pissed off.  As a former law enforcement officer, I know a little bit about laws, arrests, and the mindset of cops.  So, when I read this over at AmericaBlog, after watching President Obama backtrack, the police union come out in force, and nobody, but NOBODY, who has a clue speaking up about this issue — well, I will.

First, what AmericaBlog says:

Obama hopes this is a “teachable moment.” Probably, the smartest and most insightful analysis on this subject was the one by Pam Spaulding. She holds everyone involved accountable. Pam has the ability to cut through issues and arguments in a way that few others can. It’s because she has common sense, a rare commodity these days.

Now… it’s my turn…

Funkalicious Friday: More Jimmy

Friday Night at Eight: Racists on the Run

Among a fairly large percentage of the population, there is only one real issue: Race.

They just canNOT handle the fact that The President of the United States is Black.

It touches and informs every issue.



Friday Philosophy: Frustration

Small weights, individually not much, bound to my joints, dragging me down, generating immobility, accumulating.

Sometimes I want to turn away.  Sometimes it is not that I desire to do so, but that I feel that I must, if only for my own sanity.  But there are times when even so, I must push onward, searching for glimmers of progress, of hope, of the remnants of dreams.

Last spring I volunteered to teach one section of students how to use the computer with college-level proficiency.  These students were brought here under the auspices of the Educational Opportunity Fund.

Sometimes I should try to remember that no good deed goes unpunished.

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