Sunday music retrospective: A bit of Bagdad

Showtime at the Bagdad Gas and Oil Cafe

I Am Calling You

Brenda, Brenda

One of my favorite movies ever is Bagdad Cafe.  The two songs above the fold represent most of the music from that movie.  The first was sung by Jevetta Steele and was nominated for an Oscar.  The second appears in the movie to have been sung mostly by CCH Pounder, but actually her singling was dubbed…by Jevetta’s sister, Jearlyn Steele Battle.

The third major piece of music in the movie was by Bach.  The following version is by Glenn Gould, since I couldn’t find the version by Darron Flagg from the movie.

Prelude in C Major from the Well-Tempered Klavier

Some of you may know Jearlyn Steele better from Prairie Home Companion.

Jearlyn Steele and Garrison Keillor

And you may know Jevetta better from the movie Corrina, Corrina.

Somewhere over the Rainbow — Jevetta Steele

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    • Robyn on July 26, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Jearlyn singing on Prairie Home companion and the entire Steele Family (all five of the “kids”) singing “This Little Light of Mine.”  I’m not sure how it relates to the video of stills from The L Word.

    People Get Ready — Jearlyn Steele

    This Little Light of Mine — The Steeles

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