COPS edition

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I’m going to start off with this video of a traffic stop, and, run the readers through it step by step:

Then, I will add another incident, but, both are over the fold…

First, the video:

Lets begin.

At :45 seconds in, as Audra recounts, she has followed every instruction, up and until, she got out of the car asking to see the evidence he claims he has, and, at that time, you see the officer pull his taser.

She gets into the car, per his instructions, then is told to get back out of the car, that she is under arrest.

STOP.  What is the arrestable offense?  

Well… that cassus belli is coming.

1:45.  STOP.  Still.  Where was the ARRESTABLE offense?

No matter WHAT the woman was saying on camera to the officer, at NO TIME did she become threatening, offensive, or try to flee.  And, the officer had his taser out immediately as she questioned his motive for the stop.

Question ME?  I can taser your b*tch @ss, even in front of your children — is the mentality I see on that tape.

Tapes like these speak volumes about the abuse of tasers, and cop brutality.

While I don’t try to downplay race in these events, people cannot deny that race plays little factor into the brutality.  Audra is a white female.

How should this officer have handled this?

At :20 seconds in, she has given him her license and registration.  No problem.

At :37 seconds in, she gets out of the car asking to see the tape, and he directs her back to her car.  No problem.

By :45 seconds, a mere 8 seconds later, the officer thinks he has enough probable cause to ARREST Audra.  Yet, there as NO probable cause GIVEN.  NONE.

In fact, since that point, it is the OFFICER that escalates the situation to its conclusion.

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office

Human Resources Section

ATTN: Sgt. Kim Brennan

407 South State Street

Syracuse, New York 13202

OR call us at (315) 435-1767

Do call.  And, when you do, describe the actions taken by Deputy Sean Andrews, just as I have.  How, once Audra challenged him to produce evidence, instead of saying, “Ma’am, I’ll present my evidence at court”, he goes to his taser under the guise of being under arrest.

I’ll call in the morning


    • kharma on August 17, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    so that you can arrest soccer moms, and elementary students and grandmothers, and….  

  1. This should have been addressed immediately after it happened. Is there a reason that you know of that no one brought this to the attention of the public until now?

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