Ebola Recepients

A massive rant from atop the Apocalyptic horse.

Daughter number two is now getting triple billed, highly confusing from last December for ultrasound tests due to pregancy complications.  I am scheduled to attend a meeting with three “professionals” who most definitively will decide and eat up my parents estate which is now one half it’s former value because socio-mom of course did no take my advice.  If you have aging parents you are pro-actively and retro-actively fucked if Mom or Dad gave you anything larger than 49.99 dollars.  If you have to apply for the Satanically inspired national health care modeled after Assachusetts and you are over 55 the state WILL come after your estate.  It is stated in the fucking application.

Daughter number one is a heartbeat away from homelessness because the in-laws are parasitic scumbag white trailer trash assholes who live off the labors of their children.

Blowhard bullshit artist Obama is on TeeVee right now trying to sell his bullshit plan on health care.  If it is anything like the financial plan then we are fucked.  Ya, I am scared and turning to home remedies after being mandated to buy junk insurance via Mass law.  This however is bullshit.  I am 55 and as such have as much potential of getting a new job as a certified sex offender.  So much for the left’s diversity.

Number one on my health care manifesto is total absolute prohibition of any direct to consumer pharmecutical advertizing.  No more ask your doctor for, period.  It only serves to place big pharma above the interests of humanity.

I am that pissed.  That much closer to agreeing with the Illuminati and all the other Satanically oriented secret governments in their solution to the generational lying.  Depopulate.  It is what Bob Dean said at the Barcelona Exopolitics expo.  I have a love hate relationship with the human race.  Yes Bob, I agree.  Not swine flu you fucking Illuminati whimps, ebola.

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  1. out of the four Apocalyptic horses.  The Ranch however will be going up for sale along with any prospect of my expressing any semblance of my individuality.  I will therefore have to assimulate into the collective collectivism that is Obama’s globalist Marxism thereby forever in my lifetime giving the finger to everything and everybody for being so retarded at having accepted it.

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