The Left of The Left is Right!

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Hey Mr. Senior Anonymous Source, YES the Left is digging in on Health Care and the Public Option and you would be wise to take notice. Even that President BO guy, after all, said that HCR must contain the PO or we will all be SOL PDQ!

In addition, I would like to give you a bit of a refresher course on the sagacity and veracity of The Left of The Left in the (no doubt vain) hope that you will actually stop IGNORING The Left of The Left and start listening to them. For one simple, non-politically calculating reason…..The Left of The Left are almost always right!

It is okay, you and the rest of the Moderates, Centrists, and DLC/Establishment Dems don’t have to acknowledge or even associate with The Left of The Left and get Left of The Left cooties all over you shiny suit. We know you despise us and treat us like the rented mule of the Democratic Party….beating us mercilessly while we do the hard work on the ground and make up the donations you don’t get from your Very Serious Corporate Buddies. (You know, all those small donations that got Obama elected and stuff) We don’t need to be wined and dined. We just want you to LISTEN.

And we don’t need credit either (though it would be nice!) we are used to you stealing our ideas and claiming them for your own.

But please do remember, as you make your capitulatory concessions to your enemies on the Right while ignoring and reviling your FRIENDS on The Left of The Left, that The Left of The Left were the ones that came up with virtually the entire Democratic Agenda!!!!

In fact you could say (but you won’t!) that The Left of The Left came up with modern democracy itself!

Some of what follows may be stretching a bit….but I hereby present for your consideration the following items:

First of all, to get the ball rolling, Jesus was a Hippie. He was The Left of The Left. He preached Peace and Love and fed the poor, healed the sick…. and believed in Single Payer! (Monotheism joke, sorry!) Since our whole society is (allegedly) based on his values, you might wanna think about that!

Second, The Left of The Left brought us The Enlightenment and the scientific method….the OTHER foundation of our society, iirc.

Next The Left of The Left, natural born rebels that we are, brought us the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights (Check Google, you will find reference to these things I speak of there.)

Then came Abolition, a definitely Left of The Left idea, what with that whole justice equality and love for your fellow man no matter what color he is deal. People as property? That is the Republican (and don’t give me that Lincoln was a Republican crap, he would roll over in his grave!) wet dream!

Next, The Labor Movement came from The Left of The Left. As the bumper sticker says, sorta…If you enjoy weekends, thank The Left of The Left. If you are against Child Labor, thank The Left of The Left. Yeah, they were called Commies and Socialists too, remember? Oh wait that;s RIGHT, they WERE Commies and Socialists, before the Repubs made those into BAD things.

Women’s Suffrage? Yup…The Left of The Left.

The New Deal? You betcha, wink! They are STILL calling FDR a Socialist Commie too. Even though he ‘stole’ (was smart enough to steal!) all of the ideas of the New deal from The Left of The Left, even though he was an entrenched Ruling Class dude. But when the shit hit the fan he was smart enough to know that the ideas of The Left of The Left were the way to go.

I believe The New Deal is on teh Google too, look it up. Study it. It works. And it came from The Left of The Left.

The Left of The Left ended the McCarthy and HUAC witch hunts.

The Left of The Left brought us the ideas of the Great Society too. Not to mention the Civil Rights Movement, that worked so well that we now have an African American President. Who has studiously ignored The Left of The Left on your advice Mr. Senior Anonymous Source. Well until the Centrist post partisan approach to HCR is getting trounced by the Right Wing Noise Machine….NOW he is starting to reach out to us….against your advice I am sure, Mr. Senior Anonymous Source. So let me try to bypass you here…

Hey Barack! Remember us, The Left of The Left? WE were the ones in the streets fighting for your right to become President!!!

The Left of The Left KNEW that the Imperialism of the Vietnam War was Just. Plain. Wrong. and was instrumental in ending that debacle that killed over two million people.

As we, The Left of The Left, tried to stop the tragedy of the Iraq War….and were ignored by the Moderates, Centrists, and DLC/Establishment Dems. Good job guys! Don’t you EVER get tired of being wrong???

Affirmative Action? The Left of The Left.

Consumer Protection against stuff like putting lead in paint and toys and brought you life saving seat belts and stuff? Yeah that horrible The Left of The Left villain Ralph Nader.

Women’s Liberation? The Left of The Left.

LGBT equality? The Left of The Left.

The Environmental Movement that had the foresight to start trying to save our planet for your children back in the 70’s? The Left of The Left.

And those are just the highlights of what the Dirty Fucking Hippies of The Left of The Left have contributed to the world we live in today.

The Left of The Left are the Keepers of Democratic and Progressive Values and Principles, Mr. Senior Anonymous Source, and all you Moderates, Centrists, and DLC/Establishment Dems.

We are your conscience.

We are where your ideals and ideas come from.

We are also your political foot soldiers, without whom you would NOT win elections. We are your base. Not the Corporations that fund your campaigns….us.

And YOU work for US.

For now. 2010 is right around the corner.

YOU GUYS and your advice to the President to be wishy washy on the Public Option to appease your sworn enemies on the Right and ignore your base have lost The Pres 10 points in the polls and THIRTY points on the generic Public Option Polling. YOU GUYS, you capitulating calculating Centrist hacks, fucked that up but good, again.

YOU GUYS are wrong….and The Left of the Left is, once again, right.

Because even though in the quest for some imaginary deal with your enemies (which was, if I may say so, Fucking Stupid, Mr. Senior Anonymous Source) you are willing to, once again, sell out your base…The People, once again, agree with The Left of the Left:

Just 34% of voters nationwide support the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats if the so-called “public option” is removed. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 57% oppose the plan if it doesn’t include a government-run health insurance plan to compete with private insurers.

We ARE The People that this government is supposed to be by, for and of.

And we are….once again…..right.

You are used to ignoring and reviling The Left of The Left, you take us for granted and ridicule us and sell us out at the drop of a hat.

But things have Changed, Mr. Senior Anonymous Source.

We will NOT be ignored any longer. We had a bad stretch under Bush, and we are fed up, pissed and yes, angry.

But we are BACK.

The Left of The Left is here to stay. And we are increasingly organized and increasingly Yelling Louder.

Ignore us at your political peril, Rahm Mr. Senior Anonymous Source.



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  2. We Lefties are right! On everything!  Always have been right, always will be!

    • Edger on August 20, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    The Left of The Left are the people who did this…

    Obama Job Approval

    But… there is a way to fix this problem in time to get some votes for 2012.

    1) Rub your temple…

    2) Purse your lips real tight like…

    3) Scrunch up your forehead and squint


    4) Think real hard, or at least pretend to, and remember – the banks and the insurance companies and the CIA and the Bush and the Cheney and the Liz and the morans can’t make up those votes for you.

    You can probably figure this out. It only takes a single payer… and a special prosecutor too.

    • RUKind on August 21, 2009 at 3:07 am

    It wasn’t too hard to read behind that one.

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