On secrecy, privacy and dignity

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The other day I heard some hired gleeman whining out Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”, and smirked a bit to myself as he sang the line, “You’re invisible now, you have no secrets to conceal.”

So how does it feel?

How does it feel to be on the wrong end of warrantless wiretapping, illegal surveillance that would have been a felony in many a previous decade, and the continued off-the-rails abuse of power wielded by law enforcement and governmental agencies?

I am reminded of one of my favorite series of novels, the long out-of-print Rissa Kerguelen trilogy by F. M. Busby. In the first book, the protagonist – the orphaned daughter of political activists who died protesting the interplanetary totalitarian corporate entity which now controls most of the known systems – is raped, systematically and daily by one of her captors. Over the years this heinous daily ritual becomes so routine that eventually when Rissa wins an interplanetary lottery that frees her from her otherwise permanent status as a welfare state slave laborer, the jackass has the audacity to ask for one last go ’round “for old time’s sake”.

Rissa, now a young woman, simply says “No” and walks away. The man is flabbergasted, and when he asks why Rissa is turning him down, her reply is direct and to the point: “YOU NEVER ASKED.”

Rissa most certainly held back a secret from this rapist of hers, despite her position of powerlessness and quite literal nakedness before the man. The secret she held back was a fundamental truth that he just never wanted to know. The deceit that was perpetrated on the man was one that he did to himself.

The key to defeating the tyranny inherent in a lopsided balance of secrecy and privacy is to understand that if you are part of the disenfranchised, you still retain the power of… invisibility.

If someone wants to attempt to make a good and worthwhile person powerless, they will ignore the valid contributions to society of that person. They will dehumanize that person. They will lie – they HAVE to lie in order to pull the whole con-job off, and the lies that these power-mongers and hypocrites tell themselves and others about you are how they can be defeated. Ignorance and arrogance work against themselves. It’s a cliche because it works – you really CAN’T keep a good man down.

There are fundamental truths that you possess about yourself that no one can deny. Those who would keep you down can WORK to deny it to self and others – contrive, scheme, spin, create theater, set ambushes, gaslight, propagandize, spread rumors – THEY’RE STILL LYING. They’re lying to anyone who will listen, and they’re CERTAINLY lying to themselves about your right to be a child of the universe.

“You’re invisible now”?

Good. Use it. I certainly do.

“You have no secrets to conceal”?

That’s just another BULLSHIT LIE.

The secrets I have to conceal are fundamental truths my enemies just don’t want to know, and those truths are going to bite them in the ass someday. I am so confident that this will happen that I don’t even mind posting this message here where no small few of them are certain to read it. The beauty of this situation is that I could tell these sad, greedy, pathetic power-trippers exactly what they are doing wrong – AND THEY WILL STILL KEEP DOING IT, because they just can’t help themselves. They’re incapable of learning, incapable of growing, incapable of truly working for the greater good, incapable of understanding that the power they have stolen from the American people is something they HAD TO STEAL. Liars and hypocrites are what they ARE.

I live for the day when I take a sledgehammer to the first of many NSA warrantless wiretapping appliances. I swear it here before Gods and men upon my sacred troth – I will do this, or I will die trying.

Until that day, every dime I wrest from the land on MY terms is payback, and payback is a bitch.


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    • Joy B. on September 18, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    There are some that governments should keep, some that industries need to keep, and some that individuals like to keep. I don’t mind. What I mind is the valuation of secrecy that corrupts things so hopelessly. When EVERYTHING government or industry does is shrouded in secrecy and covered by lies, while they’re wasting untold wealth trying like crazy to keep individuals from having any secrets at all.

    How stupid do they think we are? They’ve been monitoring my communications for decades, yet I am still quite able to be invisible when I wish to be invisible. If I’ve secrets I want to keep, they’ll never know them. Though I am not averse at all to telling THEIR secrets whenever I get the opportunity. Guess that makes me a threat to their privacy, which is only fair. §;o)

  1. a rats as about your secrets or mine, they just want to scare the crap out of you. Keep you in a constant state of fear so they can maintain their power. At what point does the fear stop working? When they mandate your last dime for extortion? When they proclaim that you should just eat cake? When you are declared a terrorist for pointing out the obvious? Their secrets are not hidden, they are politely ignored and considered in our best interests, or saddest of all politics and the way things are. Open secrets that ask you to believe in the fictions cooked up to keep the game in play long after the secrets are known.

    The scary part is that we still fear, after each crisis, each threat is revealed to be an illusion that was created and that we all call reality. Your lying eyes show you what their secrets are doing to the planet and the humans who inhabit it. We keep their secrets and fight over their version of reality.

    The volume useless secrets they must pick up will take them an eternity to sort out. Their secret is of course just the big one that they are in the end like The Wizard of OZ just smoke and mirrors. Trouble is their big secret is wrecking not only our country but the whole freakin world. We the people seem to prefer to leave the curtain closed and live with the fictions that their secrets are based on.        

    • hoipoi on September 23, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    I don’t know why but this post reminds me of the parable of the frog and the scorpion. It starts out with a scorpion asking a frog for a ride across a pond.  The frog says no at first because he believes the scorpion, being a scorpion, will sting him.  The scorpion tells him that he will not. Half-way across the pond, where the scorpion would surely drown, the frog feels the sting.  He asks the scorpion “why?”  the scorpion answers,”it is my nature”.

    Or something like that.  

    • RUKind on September 24, 2009 at 12:28 am

    Although both songs – Positively 4th St and Like a Rolling Stone have excellently applicable lyrics.

  2. But it might also be fun to clone a phone so you can be in six places at once!

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