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Kevin tells me that he has responded to all of your comments, and he is delighted with all of the great links and advice you gave to him.  I know it will peak his curiousity, and he will follow up.  To help him along, I left behind a link to Docudharma’s html cheats.  Whenever I don’t know how to do something, it is where I head.   They are the best written and easiest to understand cheats in all of Tubeland.  

Again, thank you all very much for bringing his blog to life.  It now reminds of home.  πŸ˜€

Holiday Blah’s Open Sub

Last day of the long Holiday weekend…. I am feeling really blah, but I’m lurking and wandering around reading. I’m sure someone is cooking up some brilliant essay full of insights and observations and more, but I got nothin’.  Is it just me?  Yo.

So… Open Thread must be on holiday too. This can fill in as a sub? Meh. πŸ™‚

I can’t give you anything but love, baby.

That’s the only thing I’ve plenty of, baby.

Dream a while. Scheme a while.

We’re sure to find

Happiness, and I guess

I can’t give you anything but love.

Honduras: Same As It Ever Was

Today there are presidential elections in Honduras.  The US says that it doesn’t matter that the golpista government of Roberto Micheletti is still in control despite international condemnation, that Manual Zelaya, the democratically elected president, is still stuck in asylum in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, and that Brazil and Venezuela have announced that they will not recognize today’s election results.  Nor does it matter that the US originally denounced the coup, cut off non-military aid, and demanded the immediate reinstatement of Zelaya.  All of that, amigos, is stuff you’re supposed to forget about.  Just forget it.  Yeah, after today, democracy will be magically restored in Honduras via an election.  And we’re back to the same old same old.  The power of El Norte continues, the maquiladoras make Fruit of the Loom for export, the bananas are back on the shelves, and the military puts its boot on the throat of anyone in Honduras who complains about the lack of democracy.  It’s 1910 all over again.

The AP reports:

A new Honduran president chosen Sunday faces the challenge of defending his legitimacy to the world and to his own people, who are bitterly divided by Central America’s first coup in more than 20 years.

Porfirio Lobo and Elvin Santos, two prosperous businessmen from the political old guard [both of whom support the golpistas], are the front-runners. But their campaigns have been overshadowed by the debate over whether Hondurans should cast ballots at all in a vote largely shunned by international monitors.

Manuel Zelaya, the left-leaning president ousted in a June 28 coup, is urging a boycott, hoping overwhelming abstention will discredit the election. As polls opened Sunday, he vowed the United States would regret its decision to support the vote.

“Abstention will defeat the dictatorship,” Zelaya told Radio Globo from the Brazilian Embassy, where he took refuge after sneaking back into the country from his forced exile Sept. 21. “The elections will be a failure. the United States will have to rectify its ambiguous position about the coup.”

The US’s “ambiguous position about the coup” isn’t all that ambiguous. Especially in historical context.  The US has said explicitly it will support the government elected in this election. Period. It just doesn’t matter to the US government that is imposing democracy in Iraq, Afghanistan, and who knows where else, that there be actual democracy in its own hemisphere.  That would require the restoration of Manual Zelaya and an election supervised internationally.  Instead, we have an election supervised by the golpistas and their military.  One can only wonder why US warships have not arrived off shore to preserve order and democracy.

The word from the streets isn’t ambiguous at all:

“The best thing for this country is not to vote, to show the world, the United States, which stabbed us in the back and betrayed us,” said Edwin Espinal, whose 24-year-old wife, Wendy, died of from asthma complications a day after soldiers hurled tear gas to disperse protesters demanding Zelaya’s return.

There is, of course, the expected golpistas’ repression.  Narconews reports:

The free speech necessary to guarantee free elections is not the message being transmitted to the resistance front. Intimidation, torture, illegal detentions and in extreme cases assassinations are being carried out to prevent mass mobilizations on Election Day. The National Front Against the Coup D’Γ©tat has encouraged all week a ‘popular curfew’ on Election Day to prevent clashes with the opposition. The Center for the Investigation and Promotion of Human Rights in Honduras (CIPRODEH), has documented aggression directly from the police and the military towards nearly all human rights groups working in Honduras.

And now, hypnotically, the promise that the US under Obama would have a new relationship with Latin America, one in which democracy would be fostered and coups would be discouraged, one in which the oligarchies would not be permitted to exploit and repress poor people, one in which popular leaders could be elected even if they disagreed with El Norte and not be the immediate objects of golpes de estado,  those promises will be forgotten.  They will be erased from your memories.  And life as we knew it in 1910 will resume.


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Iraq War Inquiry: Analysis and Push Back Grows Against any Coverup

But first we have the release of a scathing report from the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, {46 page PDF}  How we failed to get bin Laden and why it matters today

As I’ve said in a few posts, the past week of the hearings,  the picture coming out was our administration then especially, and others, weren’t focused on bin Laden, al Qaeda nor the Taliban who were harboring them in Afghanistan, their almost complete focus prior to 9/11, as to that region, was a growing want to have regime change in Iraq, that became the total focus on the same day as 9/11, as has been noted by Condoleezza Rice mentioning Saddam as a possible suspect behind the 9/11 attacks or supporter of al Qaeda, which he never was.

Here is an analysis of the released report:

Docudharma Times Sunday November 29

Sunday’s Headlines:

U.S. Will Push Mortgage Firms to Reduce More Loan Payments

Glenn Beck: the renegade running the opposition to Obama

Monsanto’s dominance draws antitrust inquiry

Supreme Court to take up anti-corruption law

Palestine calls for release of intifada leader in prisoner swap with Israel

Iraq: The war was illegal

Bhopal: The victims are still being born

Asif Ali Zardari surrenders control of Pakistan’s nuclear arms

Swiss to vote on controversial minaret ban

French oyster farmers suffer from wave of thefts

Drug seizures in west Africa prompt fears of terrorist links

Zimbabwe cabal seizes diamond riches to buy power

Yoani Sanchez, Cuba’s popular blogger, has been beaten up for describing life

Glenn Beck is a TV host, bestselling author and the most influential voice on the rightwing Fox channel. Now, even some Republicans worry that the extreme and maverick views of Beck and his supporters will make their party unelectable. Is the TV tail wagging the political dog?

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Well here’s the last of my Thanksgiving Marathon posts and frankly I’m not sorry to see them go because the research is taking forever.

And you miss stuff, like I almost missed AMC’s Batman triple feature.

In fairness, it does start at 2:30 am which is why I’m posting early and will post promote this so I don’t drive down any more of the Front Page than I need to.

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U.S. Senate Report: Bin Laden was ‘within our grasp’

Like everything else the Bush administration touched the capture or attempted capture of Osama Bin Laden was a complete failure. As the world watched the U.S. military had pursued Bin Laden and his deputies to the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan. Trapped in the caves there  Donald Rumsfeld then U.S. Defense Secretary decides that Bin Landen’s capture should be handled by the Afghan army while the U.S. army watched. Osama Bin Laden and his deputies escaped into Pakistan where they are still believed to be.  Think about the consequences of that decision. Al Qaida though weakened at that moment would not only continue to exist but draw recruits as extremists saw Osama Bin Laden’s escape as a victory over America and its allies in the so called War on Terror.

Even if they had captured Bin Laden would that have destroyed Al Qaida of course not but they wouldn’t be the potent symbol they are today thanks to the complete incompetence of George Bush and his advisors.  

Could Dubai be just the first?

  By now most people are aware of how Dubai got itself in over its head. What exactly is the perfect metaphor for Dubai’s excesses? The palm-tree shaped islands? The underwater hotel? The indoor ski resort? It all had the feel of Disneyland meeting the dot-com mania.

  In the end it was all about borrowed money. Lots of it. In that context Dubai is not alone.

 Dubai’s default has the world’s investors asking the question: Who’s next?

We’re sorry you’re stupid, but you’re not allowed to hold back the rest of the class anymore.

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    Dear misinformed Conservatives, we are sorry that you have been lied to by the Corporate Media. We are sorry that the scare tactics work on you every single time, we’re sorry that you don’t know anything about American history or even recent events. We are sorry that you can’t help but stare at the National Enquirer while on the line at the grocery store, but you’re not going to hold the line up anymore. The world won’t let you.

     Dear Conservative Americans, we are sorry that you can’t see through Sarah Palin’s bullshit. We’re sorry you didn’t figure out that this country is fucked until after George W. Bush left office. We are sorry that you live in a fantasy alternate reality of someone else’s making, and we are inviting you out and into a better place, because stupid is not allowed to hold back the whole class anymore.

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Water Alert In Portland, Oregon

My fellow Portlanders, I just want to warn you not to drink any tap water west of the Willamette River. From the Water Bureau:

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