Big Tent Democrat? Welcome, Shoggoth!

Somewhere deep in the snowy Two-Way Mirror Mountains, beyond the Valley of the Mystical Contemplation of Worldly Demarcations, on the Peak of the Weltanshauung Breakdown at the top of the Conventional Wisdom Divide, where ululations of the wind are mistaken for human misery, and nothing moves, marks, or signifies in the Umwelt but the pomegranate eye of the blackbird…


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  1. told us early on here not to put great faith in Obama and the Democrats.

    He still links it (though I’m a little too tired at this point to look it up).

  2. love that he put this in that :

    Is that all there is, is that all there is

    If that’s all there is my friends, then let’s keep dancing

    Let’s bring out the booze, and have, a ball

    If that’s all…. there…. is

    • TMC on February 14, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    BTD even was bemoaning the lack of substance in a “wreck list” diary that more or less bitched about those of us with little faith in “Obamaism”. What policies? Well, I’ve been asking that since he announced his candidacy, still haven’t gotten an answer. Hopey Changy ain’t a policy. If bipartisanship is well it’s failed miserably

  3. like Armando, gets this fired up about this administration and the Progressives you know that the delusional has taken over the so called centrists, pragmatic loyalist Obamaites. This post was one of his best. thanks for the link.  

    ‘If the Senate health bill is all a progressive can aspire to with a historic Dem majority in the Congress and a Dem in the White House, the only question to ask is – is that all there is?’

    I do believe this is all were going to get. A pol is a pol but they all seem to have unraveled to the point where there is no democratic response at all. they are delusional if they think that the people will support them electorally or ideologically. The Democratic party is supposed to be democratic. They won for Christsake, so govern Democratic.


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