Pony Party: Snowpocalypse II

Oy vey gevalt.

It’s been coming down for almost 24 hours now as I type this…and the wind has picked up, meaning drifts.

There’s a guy across the street with a snowblower, but from the way it looks right now, you’d have to shovel or snow-blow at least every hour to have any hope of maintaining a semi-clear sidewalk.

The road crews are out, but even the main streets aren’t that great b/c it just keeps coming down.

South-central PA, just above the Mason-Dixon Line, isn’t used to this.  Snow, yes, but not this volume of snow.

I’m on one of the major downtown streets — a snow emergency route, so you can’t park on the street if we get a snow emergency.  Saw two cars being towed this a.m.: I do feel sorry for them, but you can park (for free!) in a couple of the downtown garages in these situations.

Poor King Tut, my fire-escape kitty, seems to want to go outside…but is dissuaded when I open the window and snow falls & blows inside.  (Naturally, the fire escape would be on the west side of the building.)  He’s been out in the snow before — last night he chased another cat down the fire escape — but I think this storm is worse than even my little intrepid boy wants to deal with.

Oh well.  Just started a nice pot roast (beer & beef so far…will add carrots, onions & turnips later, and then thicken the broth into gravy at the very end) and I’m inside, warm & dry, and so far still have DSL.

So, let’s have some fun on a day that is not too much fun for most people in the Mid-Atlantic region:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Caption This!
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Snowpup...  he
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dis weather  iz 4 da birds
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Caption Me!
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Iz srry...  ...Iz not teh lol ur lookin 4.
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  1. I use to live in Minnesota and I don’t miss it much.

    These days I’m in the Deep South and we’re expecting snow tonight. One or two inches!! I know that doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but down here it will shut down the city!

    I’m sitting here right now trying to figure out how to get to my job and home tonight without slip- sliding down the highway.  

  2. Posted early by mistake.

    Well, I hope the EST zone will chip in with their stories of Snowpocalypse II.

    Or at least some pootie/woozle/other animal pics….

    • Alma on February 11, 2010 at 1:32 am

    is the worst.

    Those ducks must be getting ready to be fed.  Otherwise they would be in the water.

    I can’t caption that poor top kitty.  I feel to sorry for it.

    2. Iz been makin snow angels

    3. I know my spots around here somewhere.

    • RiaD on February 11, 2010 at 1:45 am

    i’m in a horrible foul temper.

    not up to captions tonight.



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