Grand Illusion: peace-loving America

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The recent revelation by Wikileaks of voluminous ugly details of America’s miserable “war” in Afghanistan will provide yet another demonstration of one of our great national illusions: that America is a peace-loving nation that attacks other countries only with the greatest reluctance and seeks peace whenever possible. I predict that the Wikileaks Afghanistan documents will have no impact whatsoever on the course of the war, and that the only political consequences will be the further harassment of whistle-blowers and more moves to criminalize free speech.

For modern Americans, the purpose of war is war. It is the extreme violence we inflict on others that is the end goal of a belligerent and angry nation. The coupling of this violence with rational goals, political, economic, or strategic, has long since vanished, and we are increasingly exposed as the world’s greatest collection of violence junkies. That is why, perversely, the more shocking and ugly the revelations about the Afghan war become, the less likely they are to end that so-called war.

Afghanistan has become a theme park of deadly high-tech force for America. Thrilling GI Combat stories from Afghanistan serve a steady supply of blood and guts to violence-hungry America, and this is well understood by Obama’s mob control technicians. It is simply inconceivable for Obama to give up this war. To do so would be to rob angry America of its last remaining outlet for large scale state-sponsored killing.


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    • Edger on July 26, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    and all the salutes, and the medals pinned on your chest from lying sleazebag politicians in the pockets of oil companies, and besides, it’s always only the other guys who come home in a box or missing arms and legs. It’s an authoritarian wet dream for those who need big daddy to tell them they’re good boys and girls. Only lowlife DFH’s would ever question it.

  1. is that with our unparalleled military power and technology (our unparalleled military spending), it’s well-nigh impossible for the US forces to lose a war militarily.  Put simply, “we” will always kill more of “them” than “they” will kill of “us”.  And to a dumbed-down, ethically-emptied nation of simpletons,  “USA Kicks Azz #1 !!!!1!!1!11!!1!” is a definition of “patriotism” that tolerates no dissent, the implication that the “azz-kicking” will and should be turned on any dissenter.  

  2. Though I agree we as a nation are a bunch of violence junkies who are deluded into believing in American Superiority, Gods favor and all the other tripe we hear every day.  I don’t think, however, that war for wars sake is quite fare.  Violent, criminal, evil and just plain wrong sure but I see it as more of a reaction to the realization that we are a declining empire and like ill tempered children we are and have been lashing out in a vainglorious effort to prove to ourselves and everyone else that we are still number one.  We’re the bully on the street who’s just learned that all the other kids have passed us by and we’re not gonna take it.  Give us an excuse and we’ll beat the living crap outta’ ya’, we want your milk money and by god your gonna fork it over, no money no excuse hell we’ll invent one.

  3. for 250 years against [nearly defenseless] indigenous peoples residing in just about every region in the present day U.S. It was a never ending, blinding catharsis wrapped in delusional justifications by escapees from Aristocratic, Western European oppression who knew nothing more than to copy their despised mentors, playing the same rhetorical games ad infinitum.

    Why did they do it? Why do we still do it? I suspect it is the shadow of the dead who will hunt us down till we hunt ourselves down. An awful fear of death that makes living bearable only by lording over others and seeing them submit before the all powerful, like little gods in human flesh expecting to live like divine beings. The U.S. has finally succumbed to its constitutional fate. Some have fought hard for the ideals of democracy, but are no match for the brute policing powers of government.

    The constitution needs to grow with enlightenment, but has been shut down cold by neoaristocrats who relish their priviledge  just like those of 1789. As they grow wealthier, so does their vanity and hubris. And the more absurd their lies (of essentially divine right), the more the people acquiesce quietly. It’s just incredible how the socialists, immigrants, those seeking equal rights, pacifists, atheists and the unemployed etc. can be used by these two bit scoundrels, who’d screw their own mothers, to brainwash large masses of people who use T.V. as their primary source for enlightenment.

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