Time to get Back to 2008

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Your doing it wrong, children.

I know you feel like a battered spouse, tricked into staying again, out of some misguided sense of loyalty. I know you feel like there is nowhere to run TO, had you the courage to leave. I know, it feels powerless and hopeless to try – and really? Despite all the disappointments, you look around and say, “Its not that bad, there are a LOT of people worse off than I am. I’m strong. Its not THAT bad yet. Nothings perfect…”

To which I say:


Sure, I know one of the things people burn out on is sustained rage – but every single thing we came together about in ’08 has gotten WORSE not BETTER.

I’m not talking about sustaining rage anymore. I’m talking about exponentially increasing our rage.








The only way to counter the INSANITY of the Tea Baggers slapping their balls on your face and calling it taking America back, is to remind people of HOW and WHY they got here, and who and what RUINED THEIR LIVES UP IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Forget the Lefts framing that Obama inherited this – he has done NOTHING about it.

Forget the Right’s framing of Socialism is ruining us – Corporatizing DID ruin us.

Was it Socialism that closed your GM plant? No. It was the GREED that made them pay us less, outsource the jobs to overseas and continue to make only Luxury cars that no one could afford to buy.

Not to mention gambling away any retirement you invested in, in a ponzi scheme meant to make the very rich richer.

75% of us wanted National Healthcare… presented as expanded Medicare. Our Health Costs have become crippling, and people are dying from lack of care. The honored tradition of a business investing in Health Insurance to keep their workers healthy gave way to maximum profits. As the jobs left, they knew we would take a job with or without it.

Americans were horrified by Torture and Guantanamo. We wanted to regain our International Standing as a People dedicated to following the Laws, and the tenets of Humanity. None of that has changed.

We were sick of fighting pointless, unwinnable Wars, causing crippling National Debt, death and destruction in our name. We were horrified by the LIES that lead us into conflict.

We were enraged by the Unitary Executive, and the flagrant description of the Constitution as “Just a Piece of Paper.” We wanted our system of checks and balances back, not a Decider.

We were frustrated as hell that there was no transparency, that our Government felt our “need to know” was no longer of any import, and did everything secretively, behind closed doors. We demanded TRANSPARENCY.

We were outraged that we are being treated as criminals in our own land, spied upon, strip searched, detained without cause, and denied process.

THIS IS STILL 2008!!!!!

It is far past time to quit feeling sorry for ourselves, making excuses and putting up with this abuse – this total disregard for the WILL OF THE PEOPLE since the last election.


Not only have we let them spin the BLAME to Liberalism in order to promote more Corporatism… we QUIT FIGHTING AS HARD.

I certainly feel like the Mid Term are so much (yep I owe g 50 cents here) KABUKI….

But what is not KABUKI (again) is the direction of the collective mood of the Country.

Like the 9/11 framing (Iraq Iraq Iraq) we KNOW that people can easily be lead to believe things that are entirely false…. we know that frightened people often hear the Wrong things.


We MUST fight harder, yell louder, become more enraged…

We have to take the National Dialogue back to 2008.

Or we are as guilty as Beck and Palin for letting THEM create the dialogue.

It still is 2008, only worse.




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    • Diane G on August 31, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    He is excused from raging today….

    Tomorrow, not so much.

    But I hope I fully pissed the rest of you off.


  1. OK since I don’t accept the official fairy tale of 911 that makes the fake mosque Islamophobia/Islamoterrorists debate fake.  Lamestream though has to endorse it to counter tin foil hat wearing people pondering building seven and the accelleration of gravity.

    I have not been to a doctors office in two years because I don’t want to “own” my disease, I feel pretty good and currently have crappy non-insurance mandated by the state which does not pay for tests on top of being a pain in the ass.

    The great resume shredder that is the internet today offers me from Careerbuilder.com the marvelous opportunity to work from home taking surveys.  Early heart attack time, maybe I should see doc and get some meds for my head.

    Will giving the globalists “green” graft money save the planet.  How long will Islam be the Russia replacement enemy of choice.  What does the new global currency look like.  Is Phobos hollow, will 2012 bring about a pole shift along with gigantic tidal waves and or are the currently rich and famous people really evil alien reptillians in disguise.

    • banger on August 31, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    I really can’t. Besides I don’t think that’s the way. Cool is the order of the day. Cool.

    We know that 2008 was one big con beautifully constructed by the emergent intelligence of the oligarchy who groomed Mr. Obama as a fake progressive. He never was and never will be anything near the left. That people were so enthusiastic about him signified that the vast majority of people on the left don’t have a clue about politics and needed to get a clue. Maybe now people do have some notion of what actually goes on.

    Back to cool. Why do I say that? Because only a clear vision will enable us to do anything–getting mad will work for a little while then we wear out and need a rest and then the planning goes by the wayside. What I don’t see is practical steps, practical suggestions to getting a piece of the power. We only need a piece and we will be in the game. Right now the left is still not in the game as it is in some other more civilized countries.  

    • RUKind on September 1, 2010 at 12:00 am

    KBR abd CCA have all those prison beds waiting. The government spends about $35,000 per prisoner. There’s a huge profit margin to be had in that price.

    What? You say they’d never do that to American citizena! I say, “WAKE UP MORONS BEFORE IT”S TOO LATE!”

    These people have no conscience and that gives them a tremendous advantage over us.

  2. provide the motivation and will for the many. But what is sorely lacking are leaders: those with fidelity, moral courage, and vision. The ones who have the ability to harvest those emotions and provide them direction and meaning. Leaders must remain calm, confident, and collected for they are the ones that others look to for guidance when chaos ensues and confusion sets in. They are like a lighthouse beacon, cutting through the fog or a raging storm on a moonless night. They must always be aware of the current state, because too high of emotions can easily turn. With just a few small things not going as planned, confidence and anger can quickly turn into doubt and panic; eventually leading to disaster. Panic almost always leads to disaster. It is a mind-killer. They think clearly and can rally the team from pending disaster.

    Case in point:

    Just months after the start of the war at Fort Sumter, the Northern public clamored for a march against the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia, which could bring an early end to the war. Yielding to this political pressure, unseasoned Union Army troops under Brig. Gen. Irvin McDowell advanced across Bull Run against the equally unseasoned Confederate Army under Brig. Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard near Manassas Junction. McDowell’s ambitious plan for a surprise flank attack against the Confederate left was not well executed by his inexperienced officers and men, but the Confederates, who had been planning to attack the Union left flank, found themselves at an initial disadvantage.

    Confederate reinforcements under the command of Brig. Gen. Joseph E. Johnston arrived from the Shenandoah Valley by railroad and the course of the battle changed. A brigade of Virginians under a relatively unknown colonel from the Virginia Military Institute, Thomas J. Jackson, stood their ground and Jackson received his famous nickname, “Stonewall Jackson”. The Confederates launched a strong counterattack and as the Union troops began withdrawing under pressure, many panicked and it turned into a rout as they frantically ran in the direction of nearby Washington, D.C.

    “Stonewall” Jackson’s confidence and refusal to succumb to emotions over having the initial disadvantage saved the day for the confederate troops that day.

    We need to find leaders or become leaders ourselves. Trying to rally the troops is worthy and admirable, but the leaders themselves cannot get caught up in the fervor and allow their enthusiasm to cloud their judgement.

  3. but to win you need strategy.  Strategies of methods, strategies of objectives.

    We discovered something.  A vast chunk of what we thought were the independent organizations of progressives turned out to be little but Democratic Party front groups.  We entrusted those groups to be our means of acting across the range of issues, but once the Dems gained control grassroots organizing around issues was stifled by those groups themselves as much as by any other force.  The first thing any reasonable strategy for fighting effectively will require is our own self-contained independent bases of power.  Don’t work hard and build power simply to cede that power to some professional politician’s ego and ambitions.

    If you’re going to be fighting a vast and well-organized power structure, you need your own vast and well-organized force to be able to have any impact.  We shouldn’t try to replicate the sort of power structure the ruling class has, because we don’t have the same resource sets, or by the same token, the same social needs.  For one thing, instead of global and centralized the top 0.1% work and control, we’re probably strongest when our bodies are based locally, radically decentralized.  Decentralized does not mean, and is not an excuse for, being poorly organized.  But we should be networked, networks of organically built-up groupings.  We can build from the bottom up, among family, friends, longtime neighbors and coworkers.  Build affinity groups with people where the affinities are more than political, it’s the solidest foundation you can build on.  Affinity groups can locate each other through the same sort of social networking tools that are commonplace in all our individual lives.  

    The times we’re in, and what lies ahead, will test even the most solid social bases.  The cold resolve that rage can instill will be our inner strength in those moments, but we cannot prevail without the outer social strength that comes with building our own independent power bases.

  4. minorities, but we didn’t have labor. It was a ground up cultural movement energized by the baby boomers. As a political movement, it got swallowed by the Democratic Party (Humphrey)and died. Today, it was aborted and co-opted by the Democrats (Obama)before it even became an embroy.

    Cultural/intellectual/artistic/bohemianism, at least a little bit, is needed to spark things a little. Shit, we don’t even have a folk singer. What are we going to do, bring out Pete Seeger and the Smothers Brothers? However, I can get enraged, and I think a little of that is necessary. However, I do think we need a Boris Yeltsin type.  

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