Racing to the Bottom with Phony “Two-Party” Politics

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If the Democratic Party stands for anything today, it stands for the remnants of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, and if a Democratic administration with majorities in both houses of Congress simultaneously attacks New Deal Programs like Social Security and Great Society programs like Food Stamps, then the Democratic Party stands for nothing, and even the name of it is just a noise.

And… surprise!

Obama and his playmates are simultaneously attacking food stamps and Social Security.

President Obama in August signed a $26 billion bill to save teaching jobs and pay for Medicare. It included a $12 billion – or 14 percent – reduction in food stamp funding scheduled to kick in during 2014.

This is at a time when more than 41,000,000 Americans depend on food stamps, an all-time record, and an increase of about 8,000,000 since last year.

And while Obama’s “Deficit Commission” continues with its formerly secret plan to cut Social Security benefits, you may very well wonder…

How the heck do the Democrats think they can win an election with out-of-control unemployment and a platform of gutting food stamps and Social Security, and the answer as always is…

Because the Republicans are worse!

And how the heck do the Republicans think they can win an election with their legacy of extremely unpopular wars and an economic meltdown?

Because the Democrats are worse!

This never-ending “bipartisan” scam is the push-me/pull-you engine of American politics.

The Republican platform of yesterday is the Democratic platform of today, and the Republican platform of today is a previously inconceivable further reversion toward the dog-eat-dog primitivism of 19th Century robber-barons and the miserable impoverishment of almost all of us.


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  1. The Vulnerable Veterans program is intended to help 15 of the 647 homeless veterans trying to survive on the streets of Nashville.

    Nashville is helping 15 out of 647 homeless veterans!

    That only leaves 632 with no help at all!

    What next? Socialized medicine? A decent society? Or maybe…

    War with Iran?

    Stay tuned to your local billionaire-owned-and-operated media-outlet for more good news

  2. The Republican platform of yesterday is the Democratic platform of today

    The party on the left

    Is now the party on the right

    And the beards have all grown longer overnight

    We have a saying in Texas, maybe you have it here in Tennessee too, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, can’t be fooled again.” ~G. W. Bush

    • Edger on September 7, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    They never bent over backwards to give the opposing party everything they demanded.

  3. … yeah, the lack of identity politics is confusing.

    The President seems to want to be a moderate Republican.

    The Democrats don’t want to be Dems.

    The Republicans would rather be Tea Party.

    The voters just want them to stop ****ing around and do something.

  4. The Demos and Repubs are display, show, token symbols of

    a long gone representative concept of government, that 100 years ago Teddy Roosevelt called an ostensible government, the cover for the invisible government. Over the last 30 years we’ve been able to watch the slow ideological integration of the 2 parties, while they retain their pro forma, symbolic identities.

    It’s simple: They’re bought, and they cover for each other in arcane and absurd procedural games that mirror the nonsensical behaviour of the old monarchies and with the same underlying class assumptions!

  5. Ever since global communism started to fail in the 1970’s, all the benefits that people in America have enjoyed for most of the 20th Century have been under attack. It’s not a coincidence.

     If the wealthy don’t feel threatened then they see no reason to give the working class anything more than enough to keep them alive.

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