“The Coming Tsunami.”

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 I hope Ed Koch is wrong, if only for one reason:  the difficulty of getting anyone less than a Right Wing Mega-Corporatist Crank on the Supreme Court (should the occasion for a nomination arise) if the GOP takes the Senate.

 Otherwise, I’m ambivalent.  Even with a GOP House there won’t be enough of a Nutjob majority to pass truly crazy-ass legislation, and what may get puked forth from Capitol Hill from January 2011 through October 2012 won’t have enough support to override a Veto.  


 Anyway, here are excerpts of what Ed Koch says (on Huffington Post), with which I can’t help but agree (here’s the entire column, by the way:  

 “[M]any pundits state that Democrats will preserve their control of the Senate because the Republican Party has undermined itself by fielding whacko and semi-whacko candidates from the “Tea Party” wing or otherwise offering inferior candidates. . . Without being able to cite statistics that support my view, I nevertheless predict the Republicans will also take the Senate.”


 “Why would intelligent voters leave the Democratic Party that they endorsed so heavily two years ago in the 2008 presidential election? The reason is obvious – deep, deep disappointment in the record of President Obama. The President has wasted many opportunities in his term to date, and has lost by his own admission almost every battle for the hearts and minds of the electorate . . .”


 “Why did the President and Congress insist on reinventing the wheel when it came to health care coverage? Weren’t there prototypes in Europe and elsewhere developed and used for more than 50 years with proven track records that could have been used as models? Did the President and Congress have to terrify people who had insurance coverage in order to provide coverage for the additional 32 million Americans covered under the new law? Couldn’t those without insurance have been attached in some way to the Medicaid rolls? Why did the President and Congress sell out to the prescription drug companies and strip Medicare of the right to negotiate volume discount purchases that could have saved U.S. taxpayers more than a trillion dollars over ten years? What rankles most for many, including me, is why have there been so few criminal prosecutions of those who are responsible for having brought the U.S. economy to its knees, destroyed the nation’s prosperity and caused millions of Americans to lose their homes, their jobs and a substantial portion of their retirement savings?”


 Anyway, I invite you to read the whole thing.  

 You know, I don’t do orange anymore, but I confess to having a slight urge (an urge that, I guarantee, I can surpress) to find out what the delusional bots are saying over there.  I can imagine that they’re scolding everybody but (a) the Administration and The One; and, (b) themselves.  How’s that 11-Dimensional Chess working for you now?




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    • Mu on October 26, 2010 at 6:23 pm


     If I may quote myself:

    While I hate agreeing with Republicans on anything, I’ll concede this: Obama’s arrogant.

    But NOT in the way crazed and crazy Republicans and TeaPartiers say or think. No, Obama’s arrogance is rooted in the conviction that he (and Rahm, and Gibbs, and Geithner, et al) could over and over and over again lick Republican boot, tell the Democratic base — you know, we who cheered and worked and voted for, and gave to, Obama — to sit down and shut up, and THEN expect all those millions of Democrats, Liberals, Progressives to just fall right back in line come mid-term Election Time.

    One need not be slapped in the face multiple times before saying, “Enough.” But it helps. And this administration helped itself to so much GOP boot, and so much disdain for its base — the people who PUT Obama in the White House — that the real surprise is that Democrats are as competitive as they are and that Obama’s approval ratings aren’t in the 20s.



    • Edger on October 26, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    It’s all the stupid customers fault, didn’t you know? The customers are just too stupid to realize that buying the product from the people who tell them how stupid they are is the only way they can stop being stupid.

    It’s a winning strategery. 😉

  1. choose his Supreme Court pick, should there be another one.

    If he chooses a right wing nutjob to get his nominee through the Senate, rather than simply refusing to pick a non-liberal, that would say everything we already know about Obama but that mainline Democrats are afraid to acknowledge, that there is nothing he would not in the end do just to be seen to be “bipartisan”.

  2. …Ed Koch writes like an unwashed DFH Librul.  This whole kabuki drama just keeps getting wierder and wierder.

    As for appointing one liberal after another to Scotus, that migfht be even more effective than a filibuster in bringing it all to a screeching halt.

  3. We don’t have a conservative legislature, now?



    • banger on October 28, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    Why did the President and Congress insist on reinventing the wheel when it came to health care coverage? Weren’t there prototypes in Europe and elsewhere developed and used for more than 50 years with proven track records that could have been used as models?

    I was saying this on DKOS during the HCR debate over there and the other side refused to engage. I noted that Obama did not insist on a real debate using FACTS. The fact speak for themselves and there can be no rational debate about HCR in this country that leaves out the numbers and the studies that were rarely cited. I was shocked at this and quickly recognized that Obama had no interest at all in HCR and was doing it just to appease his supporters on the left and insure the money coming in from the Medical-Industrial complex. He flat out betrayed progressives and, essentially, progressives said it was better than nothing. No wonder the left is dead in this country. Facts are as irrelevant to the liberal/progressive wing of the Democratic Party as it is to the Republicans–at least the Republicans seem to be honestly dishonest and sleazy–I would be tempted to vote Republican too.

    I’ve even thought about joining up with the Tea Party itself which is still somewhat inchoate. At least they sense something is very wrong and are willing to yell about it. The left in this country, other than on sites like this, is oblivious at the essential dysfunction of the current economic, cultural and political system.

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