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Pique the Geek 20110213: Firearms 102. Shotguns

I was astonished at the response for the first installment for this series, and so decided that instead of just a couple of survey pieces, reader interest justifies a bit longer treatment, getting more into the weeds. Thus, I have come up with a bit more structured series.

Unlike rifled firearms like pistols and rifles, shotguns are smoothbore weapons. That is, they have no rifling to impart spin to stabilize the projectile, in the case of shotguns usually multiple projectiles. Shotguns are a relatively recent development in their current form, but the concept of firing more than one projectile at a time goes back a very long time.

Modern shotguns are designed to fire a relatively large diameter cartridge as opposed to rifles and pistols. In addition, a different system is used to state the diameter of the cartridge in most cases.

I Like Mike TV

Senator Mike Gravel has done it again. The one guy in all of Congress who had the balls to read out loud “The Pentagon Papers” into the public record (risking his life, when it was still classified, top-secret material), and began a chain of events that led to both the end of the Vietnam War, and also Richard Nixon’s self-destruction and Impeachment, is back in the public square.


That’s right, not only is he back but Mike Gravel is the President of The United States, on a new TV show called: “I Like Mike“.  It is not yet known what station will carry it, or what time on TV it is going to be scheduled on TV, but there is already a very detailed Web Site setup about the show that describes a lot of information (you can even invest in the actual show) — see: I Like Mike TV — so I assume this is a real project that’s really going forward.

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