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Original v. Cover — #67 in a Series

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This week’s selection would seem particularly timely, especially given the bare-knuckled assault on the working class playing out in many states across the country, most notably in Wisconsin. The progressive factions have, quite predictably, splintered into numerous warring factions, much to the delight of the oligarchs who now see absolute power and control of the masses within reach. Our challenge, if we wish to survive, is to reach out to those whose core values are similar, while at the same time realizing that most of those individuals will not agree with us on all counts.  

Written in the early 1960s by singer-songwriter Chet Powers (aka Dino Valenti), this week’s selection represents a heartfelt plea for peace and brotherhood. The message also speaks to the frequent struggle between the mutually exclusive sentiments of love and fear, as well as the importance of the path we choose.    

Popular Culture 20110225: Van Susteren to the Rescue!

It is not often that I have such a ripe opportunity to combine TeeVee, politics, the FOX “News” Network, the horribly biased Governor of Wisconsin, and my own parody songwriting skills into a post.  As a matter of fact, it has never happened before.  Please allow me to explain.

I usually do not do purely political pieces here, there, or anywhere, because so many other are much more talented than I am at it.  But I do keep an eye out for popular culture, and this opportunity just hit me in the face.  I do not have to explain how Governor Scott Walker, a Tea Party wingnut, has probably disqualified himself for holding a position of trust, but I will!  

Impossible Dream Open Thread

Live and Learn. From Fools and from Sages?

from firefly-dreaming 25.2.11

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Injustice at Every Turn — Part VII: Identity Documents

Scarlet Letter

Injustice at Every Turn (pdf) is a 122-page report of data gathered in 2008 by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality concerning quality of life issues for transgender people living in this country.

Possessing accurate and consistent identification documents is essential to basic social and economic functioning in our country. Access to employment, housing, health care and travel all can hinge on having appropriate documentation. Yet, for many of the respondents, obtaining identity documents that match their gender is a major hurdle.

Previous “turns” have covered the basic data about who transpeople living in America are in Who we are — by the numbers, Part I: Education, Part II: Employment, Part III: Health Care, Part IV: Family, Part V: Housing and Part VI: Public Accommodation.

One last piece to come concerns treatment by police and incarceration.

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