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270 Million: Super Egypt Bowl

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Day 13 of Egypt’s fight for freedom from tyranny, and the US is focused on a display of excess and inanity called the Super Bowl.


Somehow, that is for me, what amounts to a perfect vignette of all that is wrong in the World. There is nothing inherently wrong with enjoying athletic contests as a “ pastime,”  be it football, soccer, baseball, or hockey ~ or anything else that suits your fancy. What rankles me is that it has become a religious ritual worked into a fervor, treating men playing a game as “Gods” with all the residual excesses that provides in our system, and nothing but a vehicle to promote advertising for the already sickeningly wealthy who can purchase the air time to try and dupe us into buying McLard burgers and cheapass beer. Not that I have anything AGAINST cheapass beer. But it would be a LOT cheaper if they didn’t have to spend 3 million dollars for a 30 second spot.  

6 million a fucking MINUTE, while people here are losing their homes, the bastard elites want to cut Social Security and Medicare, while raising our Military Budget which is more than the REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED.

45 minutes of commercials is the projected time. That is 270 million dollars our Elites will spend, to make us swoon en masse at the brilliance of our Corporate Masters and LOVE the system that provides it. And, oh my, yes, they are usually brilliant. Amusing. Titillating. All the tools in the arsenal that tickle our pleasure centers and make us forget we are all (or at least 97% of us) competing for 5% of this Nation’s wealth.

use accutane Two Hundred and Seventy Million.


5% of the wealth. Now if you like competition, thats the real game. Its fucking Thunderdome, baby, and we get to scramble to kill one another for scraps…. while the mighty laugh.

Interesting number, $270 million. That’s exactly how much money Transocean got in an insurance payment for fucking our Gulf up FOREVER.

$270 million is Indiana’s present deficit, which of course, our new Congress says will not be helped – States are on their own.

$270 million is also the number that the Republicans are bandying about, a number they claim the US deficit will be reduced by if they kill the Healthcare Reform Bill.

270 million is the number of cubic feet of gas produced by Egypt a day that their Ministry of Petroleum tapped last August. I am CERTAIN none of the money produced by that went to the Egyptian People.

I am JUST as certain none of the $270 million that Fox News will get from the ads will come back to us.

Ayman Mohyeldin of Al Jazeera English has been arrested today, for effectively reporting about the point blank assassination of a protester he saw on tape.

Don’t think for an instant that if the people were to resist here, and rise against the tyranny we endure at the hands of OUR elites, any reporter not Parroting the Official Fox Government Channel wouldn’t suffer the same fate.

But hey, those horseys sure are cute, and I hear those lesbo hotties are gonna fondle and lick veggies for the pleasure of all those red-blooded American Patriots.

go here So, who would want to watch a Revolution, let alone create their OWN Revolution when THE game is on?

270 million: I’d say that money was well spent. America is Living Proof.



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    • Diane G on February 6, 2011 at 7:24 pm
    • Edger on February 6, 2011 at 8:50 pm
    • RUKind on February 7, 2011 at 12:27 am

    The whole world – except Uhmerica – would chill out for a few hours. The only division line would be split on who your choice would be to win.

    And the bookies would be making all the obscene money. 😉 At least they’re honest. ;-);-)

  1. Pole reversal coupled with dollar devaluation a la Argentina or Weirmacht style inflation.

    Me?  I went snowmobiling on the Apocalypse Ranch again.  Had a ten year old following my tracks close to my speed with a lower powered sled. Another potential Knight this kid is.  Common sense, thinks for himself and certainly not into mainstream Superbowl crap.

    It is my hope that we are witnessing the transition of the powers that be to the powers that were, new world order Illuminati wise.  For that to happen here shit would have to stop coming to the supermarket.  We may see that happen.  

  2. “~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ cheap ass beer ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~”

    I like Honey Brown as a drinkable cheap ass beer. There are lots better in the beer cooler at Sheetz on the way home from school, but they all cost more.

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