Smile or Die

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    • Edger on February 6, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    you’re in big trouble! 😉

  1. …is one of the most dangerous features of our present system.

  2. I’m not a negative person because I refuse to believe that firing and downsizing ‘we the people’ in order to be more competitive for the CEO’s is change I can believe in or should for that matter. I also don’t even think it’s morally right to drug up everybody who has the brains in there head and soul enough to be depressed about what is going on.  This is depressing and it should be, same with outrage, it’s appropriate to be depressed and outraged wjemn confronted with this degree of evil.

    While Bush was a psycho preppy cheerleader, Obama seems to be a corporate motivational speaker who’s been tasked with selling us the bad news that this is the change we had been waiting for and we need to sacrifice for a future that someday might be better for the competitive among us as it’s an inevitable race to the top.

    Today’s ‘speech’ to the Chamber of Commerce was a dosey. Everybody said it was positive cause O’s got a good attitude,lol. Forget about it I’m not about to get positive about any of this. I have a bad attitude and intend to nurture it until it does go collective. Murderous inevitable zombie yuppies who want to rule the world and refuse to die should piss everybody off, and sometimes you got to get depressed enough to collectively dissent.

    One a related note I remember reading they tested ‘Happy News’ back when they brought in the clowns disguised as news people and it turns out that every bodies stress levels sky rocketed when hearing horrendous news delivered by cheerful idiots. the sponsors liked this they sold more stuff when people were stressed. Great video thanks that was sane and had some reason.                          

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