Wild Wild Left Radio #98 More CHAVEZ, Less Obama, Less Mubarak

Friday, February 11th at 6pm EST!

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More Chavez!

PhotobucketEgypt is FREE…of Mubarak anyway…but don’t forget, transition of power to the military comes while Mubarak, Suleiman and Prime Minister Ahmad Shafiq are all former military men.

I read an article this week by Mike Whitney, “World Focus: Can We Swap Obama for Chavez?” and it set me thinking deeply.

So, as I studied the no less than 14 different breaking headlines I wanted to cover tonight, I decided to spend a little time comparing what Hugo does for his country with what Obama has done for ours. Check out what we have gotten MORE of… more war, more fear, more cold, more neglect, more money to the top, more poisoning, more racism, more manipulation, more lies…. whew!

Its going to be scathing, and eye-opening in that tear your eyelids back and pour tabasco in them kind of way.

I know what I want. More Heroes & MORE LEFT!

No guesty goodness tonight, so I will be welcoming YOUR calls!

Remember to tune in next week for a return visit from Contributing Author on WWL, Professor John Kozy. HE GETS IT, and isn’t afraid to SPEAK OUT!

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