First Fire

I was not prepared.  Not ready yet the people who love me and those I love most asked for a spring fire.  My wood gathering crew, a four year old and two year old grandsons stood at the ready to pull sticks out of this woodland retreat to give to the master fire builder, me, Grampy.

They so look up to me.  Can I with my skills provide them with a marshmallow toasting fire in ten minutes in this rain soaked environment armed only with a miniature Bic lighter.  My search for dry pine needles and long dried covered dead wood kindling prevailed.  The first fire of in this next season of love was born.

What does all of this mean in the potential continuity of the human species that is my extended human species suburban formerly “American” family?   I have no frigging clue at this point other than the prospects are mighty dim.

What has transpired in suburban McMansionville of late?  The goodwill and the embers of the first fire of spring died out.  The sociopathic “Red Queen and proprietor of the Apocalyptic Ranch continues her temper tantrum of screwing up the company which should have supported her lavish Kardashian lifestyle into her eighties if she was not such a piece of trailer white trash hump anything that moves you baby and then psychologically blame it on your own kids for your sociopathic deficiencies.  A curse of a thousand lifetimes of Indian caste society as a  rat catcher should go to this red headed wife swapping sociopathic swinger bitch who is now retarded enough to think she will get enough money out of a house which is now illegal under the new World Order Illuminati banking rules and Nazified building code/house appraisal/tax purpose assesors procedures on top of the Google street view’s dismal views of the ancient past concept of non-Yuppified uselessness of this non-Verani piece of Not granite countertop property.

Do you, can you even fathom the depths of my fucking rage at this point?  The hypocracy of Afmericastanie laws. May I point out that I can walk into Home Despot or Lowes and buy copper pipes and fittings, circuit breakers, wiring and whole house panels and two by fours WITHOUT having a contractors,electrician,plumbers nor a carpenters certificate, license yet my local town “inspectional services” department wants me to “pull a permit” to replace a now illegal incandescent light bulb with a “green” mercury laden Chinese slave labor made twisty “energy efficient” one.   Might you think this would impact the business profit margins of Lowes and Home Despot if they where required to ask for a contractor’s license because the Agenda 21 dweebs of building code enforcement need to destroy suburban McMansionville in favor of the urban ghettos of New Songdo City?

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  1. yesterday too… alone. Strange to be that alone.  

  2. I would have “gone postal” by now.  The Satanic shit of the New World Order, of, by and for those control freaks of the Nazified Orwellian Davos jet setting operate in 169 countries and demand you get the unicorn flu shot and pay taxes to bomb Libya to support Justin Beiber and the Huffington Post while dissing me for linking to Alex Jones for Jessie Ventura who does not fly anymore because.

    Did the terrorsits win.  I think so.

    Two is such a magical kids age.  He looks at me like I am his whole world, his Grampy.  The producer of all things fun in his two years of life.  Why, because at 55 years of age I have this strange and undocumented ability to relate to and be a five year old.  Their world should be as simple as ours ought to be.

    • TMC on April 4, 2011 at 4:18 am

    The below the tirade was not there when this diary was promoted. You have a history of making racist and misogynist comments and the last paragraph you inserted is no exception. We have been pretty tolerant of you rants and understand that you are in a very distressed situation but you should not take advantage of out good will. Because of that I am removing it from the FP.

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