Loughner-Bieber 2012

Loughner-Bieber 2012

“Obama reelection campaign expected to tap big-money donors,” says the Washington Post, and if that sounds like “news” to you, you’ll probably be amazed to learn that a bear shits in the forest!

But while the rest of you waste your votes on a stinking con-man like Obama or whatever freak-show the Republicans put together, or whoever the shoulda-woulda-coulda progressive/liberals eventually dream up, if they ever dream up anybody…

I’m announcing my vote for “The Truth About America” ticket of Jared Loughner and Justin Bieber, because their honest platform of shit-music and mass-murder expresses the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about American culture, politics, and society not only today but for as far into the past or future as any of us can remember or foresee!

Loughner-Bieber 2012!

Violence and Idiocy for the New Millenium!


  1. I was going to promote with this post but we should all know by now Al-CIA-duh and lamestream for profit media is the mind control of Charolette Iserbytian organ donors for the Davos Jet setting elites of IMF/CFR World Banking Trilateral Commission fame of Green carbon footprint nuclear Japanese Power plant Peace Prize fame.

    Don’t forget to stop by and git ur Free Unicorn flu shot on ur way to the Apocalyse Ranch.

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