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More telecom spying.


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Project Censored celebrates 35th.


The father of raygunomics calls kettle black on western propaganda.


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Atlas Shrugged Part I – in some theaters now

In the spirit of The Fountainhead as those who are Ayn Rand fans will know… this is well worth seeing and although shot very old school for the most part which no doubt will drive lots of people crazy… It is making a legitimate statement and they are updating the message so it has some interesting ramifications for the times we are entering. Set in the years 2016 and 2017… actually it would fit the 2011-2012 times just as easily. The idea of a high speed train…. running across the country reminds me of the offer Wanta made if he was to be reimbursed by the Global Settlements for his money… he said he wanted to do just that. I wonder if he was influenced by the Rand books.

In my view Rand has some excellent points to make that are well worth pondering in this era of social hive mentality…

Along those same lines to quote once again, Timothy Leary from his book “Intelligence Agents”…

1. The Anglo-Celtic psycho-social model is based upon individualism, democratic rule, open communication, free mobility, plurality of lifestyle, personal growth, tolerance of difference, encouragement of innovation, competition, experimentation, free-market exhange, distrust of military authority.

2. The Mediterranean psycho-social model (derived from Oriental and Middle-Eastern philosophies) emphasized: subordination of the individual to authoritarian, hive-rule, restriction of movement, controlled uniformity of lifestyle, discouragement of personal growth, rigid maintenance of herd-tradition, state-monopoly, distrust of the inventive-experimental approach, glorificaiton of military control, centralization, collective enterprise, obedience to bureaucracy, suppression of difference.” –chapter on The Psychological Effects of High Orbital Migration/ book “The Intelligence Agents by Timothy Leary

Why, you ask, am I quoting Leary? Well, it seems to me that along with many of the above ideals being themes in the movie mentioned above, ATLAS SHRUGGED… It has been in vogue of late to constantly put down Americans and the U.S. just as a matter of course. Yet to my way of thinking, the original principles this country was founded on are still ingrained in the people… Yes the so-called leaders are corrupt and taken over but the ideals remain if people want to grab hold and live by them. They don’t have to just lay down and take the plans of their government or the Rothschilds or the Nazi-Bush clan. They can stand up and take their country back. Which is what will happen, eventually.

Now whille the above psycho-social descriptions are vast generalizations that address what is operating behind many of the programs and decisions made by governments, religion and other institutions… repressive regimes exist on both the East and the West as well as in the North and the South… Nowhere is immune to the positive and negative polarity of the above concepts, that is for sure. But there can be a general trend detected nonetheless, that does follow Leary’s two part categorization of the psycho-social organization of society in a global fashion that can be helpful when determing what country you might want to live in or where to pitch your tent in the coming days.

click here for the trailer ATLAS SHRUGGED

I highly recommend Ayn Rand’s books especially; “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged”.

So how was your day?  Weekend?  Did you have a good one and why do I so loathe that common American phrase.

May have to put one of the horses down.