24 Arrested At Citibank: trying to Close Accounts

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Still developing, but basically as part of OWS protesters went to a West Village Citibank (I think I used to bank at that branch, long long ago) and attempted to close account en mass.

Video here of a woman outside being dragged in to be arrested:


(ek hornbeck- Here are some embeds courtesy of lambert @ Corrente)

Bank of America, St. Louis 10/4

Bank of America, Santa Cruz 10/7

Citibank, NYC 10/15

Below, I have details on the legality of the arrest.

According to Citibank:

It says it right there on page 172, item 4004a, of the agreement you signed upon account opening:


subsection 4004a:

   You may not close this account. You may not stand outside whilst someone else closes an account, in a group greater than 1.


subsection 4012b:

You will be arrested if you are found to be in non-compliance of this agreement, espeically but not limited to sections 3309, 2013, 4014 AND especially 4004a.

Various anonymous on line legal experts have back Citibank up in this claim on sites like Daily Kos, Huffpo, so it must be true.  


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  1. I was just going to add the Santa Cruz vid.

    The cops there aren’t exactly the NYPD, now are they?

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