Breaking: Beatings And Arrests At OWS

According to DK:…

Video of baton beatings at the link.

And according to Charles Grapsi, 100 arrests so far.

update: now on huffpo:…


update 2:…


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  1. scheiss!  Did you note the guy in a suit, who seemed to be directing the police in the 2nd vid you posted below in your comment?  

    Also, you know full well that there are those who join the police force for just these reasons — a chance to exhibit the “bully” in them!!!  Just give them 1/100th of an inch.

    The Police State of America is alive and well.  States empowered to use whatever force and efforts they “deem” necessary . . . never mind the circumstances . . . . kinda’ like our war efforts . . . . we have to attack “them” because they MIGHT attack us . . . . ! has had its fair share of problems, which commenced night before last.  They insist that protestors MUST be mobile at all times, them, their set-ups, supplies, etc.  They were banned from sleeping on the sidewalks, etc.  At 2:00 a.m., they were awakened by Police that night and were told what they must do.  They had a meeting, in an attempt to seek alternate methods — crying out for vans, all forms of transport to help move their set-ups around the City, elsewhere!  See P.S.

    Seattle too, is having a rough go of it.  It’s been raining, which it does in Seattle, I gather a lot.  At any rate, protestors had these dome-like tents set up to protect them against the rains.  Seems the Police came in and told them they would have to remove the tents, ultimately, the Police did.  Occupy Seattle protests beset first by rain, now by loss of tents.

    Bought and paid for Police State?  Of course, these were the “laws” set in place by Bush, et al. in the National Emergency Act and powers afforded State Police, etc. (and not rescinded by Obama). When they (Police) too, are suffering?  


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