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How radioactive is that fish in rads,

Let met pull out my Becquerel exchanger.

Whoa! That’s high.  Let me calculate lifespan

Against protein requirements.

The mercury dropped in the mouth of a dying day,

Not because a poet had died, but because

A poet had not lived.  Would Don Delillo

Fill the gap?  It seems not, here.

Jesus, the guy can write about small things,

A sparrowfall, Hitler studies, breath-mints,

the way his daughter held his hand, not

to cling, but to re-assure him, against himself.

How fragile.  How angry is the chimp?

I’ll ask you about that later.


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  1. off the cuff, you might say.

  2. It’s one of those things  wherein my English sucks.

  3. what year would that be

    Some year in the past

    When time was not so fast

    Spirits long past

    be calling to me

    The pipes play in my head

    My Celt ancestors said

    Some purpose for me

    A point to it all

    Build you a fire

    A circle of light

    Sit a spell

    On this spring winter night

    Wish not for what you want but

    Think hard on what is right

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