If we ever stop talking about Hoodies…


  1. Maslow is best known outline of the heirarchy of needs theory.  Being definitively days, weeks or maybe months away from financial destitution what lamestream wants me to think about is, well, just plainly profanely offensive.  If we eliminated the race industry, a subdivision of the media military-industrial complex and focused that time, energy and money on real ways to get people to get along.  Hey, it could be done.  You got millions of sheeple lusting after the war of error and the Muslim boogeyman.  You got millions of people in a war on drugs yet 24/7 informercials about asking your doctor for.

    As for me I don’t relay any of the Satanic media meme talking points of the day unless I can make fun of it, point out the doublespeak nature of it.  Left and right, left vs right are merely the lowly things of second veil.  

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