URGENT: Hardship Comes in 3’s: Love Comes From YOU


I’ve had a tough year.  Nothing humbles you, or shuts up your inner dialogue of self-pity than seeing others pain.  REAL pain.

My friend Dusty?  A tireless worker for the left, who is disabled with excruciating inoperable back pain just took 3 hits. Her Mom died around Christmas.  Shortly after, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Last night?  She had to rush her 70 year old husband to the hospital with a massive heart attack.

He is not expected to live.  She is on disability from her back and at 60?  Has no other income.  She is starting cancer treatment next week. Worse?  Since 3 of his arteries are totally blocked, she asked about bypass.  Apparently he had seen a cardiologist and MUST have been aware of this, but they are so far gone, they can do nothing.  She is devastated, and confused why he wouldn’t have told her.  Why he didn’t get treatment.  He dislike doctors, and feared hospitals.

And he is not expected to make 72 hours, she is told.  

She hasn’t even the money to cremate him, should that happen; let alone take care of him should he live since they had to restart his heart 17 times electrically.  They think he is brain damaged at best.  There will either be death, or short term care until it – he is in a condition from which there is no recovery.

We are the LEFT, we are LIBERALS, an I know as broke as I am?  I’ll eat ramen for a week to send her 50 bucks.  I hope you don’t have to.

I made her make a paypal account tonight, and make a link-button.  Those of you that know me?  Know it is coming up on the year anniversary of my husbands death, and how hard it was on me that it took a month to get his ashes out of “hock” from the funeral home.  She cannot pay for that, has no back up.  She will not be able to make rent.  Buy food.  Live.  I remember well the FEAR.  I dug out of it, but only with YOUR help.

I refuse to let her endure that.

Please help her, as you helped me.  How much must one woman take?  Life is so hard for all of us, and there are so many causes and charities.  This is one direct action you can make.

Help give, love.

Hit the donate button.  Please!

I have no idea why any sopabloxes but mine will take the button html, but go here to hit hers:


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    • Diane G on March 5, 2012 at 3:26 am

    what I went through while I draw breath and can help – and she has it WORSE than me.

    It took me a MONTH to get my husbands ashes out of “hock” – the humiliation, the grief, the missing the lack of closure….

    Fuck that.  

    I love her, and will do all I can

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