WWL Radio #146 – Stewart Alexander / Alex Mendoza Interview

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Listen to Stewart, Alex and Diane live on WWL Radio Friday, March 23rd at 6pm EDT!

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SOCIALIST PARTY USA!!! – This is THE Ticket, friends!

PhotobucketYes, my friends, these gentlemen are the Real Deal offering a vision of our future that can only be described as Common Sense! Sense for the 99% by eliminating the lockgrip the 1% has on our lives; sense in safeguards for our destinies, and sense in creating a sustainable, green infrastructure.

As a devout leftist, I sometimes wonder… since when is sense a spectral thing? Left?  Right?  No, SANE! The D/R symposium has forced us to play Predatory Capitalism Russian Roulette; Socialism is the whisper of Sanity saying, “Put the gun down.”

It is far past time to quit accepting the temporary reprieves that stay our execution, while society lingers on death row.  It is time to break out of our own imprisonment.

Socialism is FREEDOM; and here are two fine Candidates to get behind to lead the way there!

I am thrilled and honored to host Stewart Alexander and Alex Mendoza; and prouder yet to call them MY CANDIDATES!

This is a can’t-miss show!

The call in number is 646-929-1264 to join the conversation!

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    • Diane G on March 22, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    Mimi Soltysik the Vice-Chair for the Socialist Party; and their PR liason.  He’s awesome.  This is so exciting!

    • Diane G on March 23, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    Just talked with Alex for a bit too – these guys rock.

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