Modest Proposal For Commonsense Spending Cuts

(10 am. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

First remove the trough of federal spending from moocher states as requested by their tea party majorities to save the income of hard-working people in giver states.

Such states could include Texas* as well as others such as West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arizona, Tennessee.

With such a bounty one might as well give a tax break to hard-working people of giver states and make an exception for such as the majority African-American congressional district that has elected a pale Jew to Congress.  Such extraordinary intelligence and morality should qualify for an especially high bonus in federal spending and tax forgiveness.

*Texas is claimed to be giver state instead of a moocher state but who can believe that and who cares even if it is true?

Eliminate ACA and convert to universal one-payer health care.  The savings in dollars and increase in health and life expectancy will be immense.  Unemployed unskilled health insurance executives should be able to find work emptying bed pans in hospitals that will now be filled to capacity.  They could be supervised by insurance clerks who once made medical diagnoses and prescribed treatment rather than doctors.  Other former employees of the insurance companies should be able to find employment as lobbyists, writers of fantasy explanations for the failings of the “capitalist” system blamed on Adam Smith of all people, orderlies in recovery establishments for former tea partiers and rightwing pundits,

produce pickers will be needed to replace Latinos free to work at better jobs.  The list is endless.

The federal debt should turn into a surplus in no time.

Best,  Terry