Police State or Military State?

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The term “police state” is a misnomer, a euphemism for what is really a “military state.”  Police objectives and military objectives are entirely different.  A true police objective is to apprehend a criminal suspect and then put the suspect through a civilian justice system — even if its just a civilian kangaroo justice system. On the other hand, a military objective is to eradicate the threat without any serious concern for the rights of individuals who are enemies of the state.

Looking at what is going on in the US today, the tactics of our police are much more in line with a military operation than a police operation.  Indeed, often the operation is nothing but an set up to generate a plausible excuse to eliminate a threat to the state without any apparent desire or willingness to put the suspect into a justice system.

The Dorner case is a classic military operation.  Given what we have been told so far, does anyone legitimately think that police wanted to apprehend Dorner?  It is clear that the police wanted to eliminate him and that all they were looking for is some kind of plausible excuse for elimination.  That becomes very easy to do simply by putting a police officer or other person in harm’s way.  Then elimination is justified.

It is no wonder that civil libertarians on both right and left are horrified by what is happening.  Every day, everywhere, our police looks more and more like a military and every day and everywhere it seems like more and more of US inhabitants and visitors are being treated as enemies of the state by our ‘police” rather than as an alleged criminal wrongdoer.

It is no wonder civil libertarians of both left and right are wanting to keep their guns.  Lawyers, judges and courts are starting to look as if they are no more necessary to our “criminal justice system” than an appendix is to the digestive tract.

So we ought to start calling police states by what they really are: military states.


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  1. Military or not?

    • TMC on February 14, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    through the Department of Homeland Security. They are training with the military to circumvent Posse Comitatas.

    • banger on February 20, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    When life gets confusing and values change the majority of people unequipped intellectually and emotionally to deal with change crave “security” at all costs. And thus they are vulnerable to protection rackets. Now the police, like the military, have enormous political power and the will use it and are using it. As for Dorner he, obviously, had to be killed in order to keep police corruption out of the news and LAPD is both corrupt and brutal. At any rate this is where we are.

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