Drat the Luck, Paul McKinley Lost Again

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Paul McKinley Victory Party and Press Conference 6pm in Dolton, IL

Tue, Apr 09, 2013

Join us for the McKinley for Congress victory party and Press Conference at 6PM in Dolton, IL.


Don’t suppose it was much of a party since Paul lost but he should be used to losing considering he spent almost 20 years in prison as a young man.  Paul says he was innocent the last time but they were just used to convicting him.

I expect I would have voted for Paul had I been able to vote in the Chicago district but it wouldn’t have mattered much.  Robin Kelly beat him real bad.  

All most people knew about Paul before and after the election was that he was an ex-con.  Wouldn’t it be better to vote for an ex-con than a should-be-con?

Maybe Robin Kelly will be a great congresswoman but I bet she doesn’t have the life experience and knowledge of a man who spent nearly 20 years in prison and now reportedly works to get jobs for ex-cons.  

That can’t be an easy job.  Probably doesn’t pay well.  Maybe that’s why Paul owes a ton of money to IRS.  At least that’s what IRS says.  Hard to figure how an ex-con working at getting other ex-cons jobs could owe a ton of money to the IRS.  Wonder if they figure the periodic free room and board compensation on his numerous arrests for protesting in more recent years?

Anyway I am glad there are people like Paul that still occasionally run for office.  I used to get a chance occasionally to vote for people like Paul McKinley but these days I have little choice beyond voting for a Ralph Nader or such for president instead of choosing between two liars who are owned by corporations.