“I was a killing machine,” said the doctor.

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It was not an idle boast.  

It was an understatement.

If you have not read The Rape of Nanking, you perhaps are incredulous that the atrocities matched any horrors anywhere ever with a bizarre twist that was beyond even the imagination of Kurt Vonnegut.  A Nazi was the lead hero of a true story (“I will tell Hitler on you.”).

How does a fiendish mass murderer who excelled in killing contests become a gentle doctor?

The answer is quite simple and has been extolled and explained over and over but you wouldn’t listen would you?

[“You” is generic for the other people.  Certainly not you and I.]

The doctor was a member of a cult, in this case the Japanese Imperial Army.  Separate the members from the cult and they become human again.  It is pack mentality that afflicts us all.

My impression – impression only mind you – is that Dzhokar Tsarnaev is more like a cult member than a psychopath.

A two-member cult?  

Why not?  There are bizarre, chilling stories of twin language that has twins in a world of their own on occasion.  They even speak a language unintelligible to outsiders.

Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.  The actor even carried out the role to his end.

Those outside the club are never really human.

Just speculating about the dynamic duo, the Boston bombers, that are not remotely the international conspiracy portrayed earlier from the evidence available.

Best,  Terry

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  1. We just come to the same conclusion on everything reasoning totally independently. 🙂

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