Hogwash From a Normally Reliable Source

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Rich Entrepreneur: The Wealthy Aren’t Job Creators, Middle-Class Workers Are


Wrongo, me buckos.  

Only in exceptional circumstances are the middle class even workers.  It is the working class, and only the working class, that creates wealth.

Think Progress is an exceptional site that I first got to because of the particular pained targeting of it by the rightist loons, e.g. Republicans, and it is not difficult to see why with a quick scan of very perceptive short essays.

But even Think Progress can’t divorce itself from the insidious effect of linguistic purposeful destruction of meaning like Alice’s Humpty Dumpty, this one by the DLC.

What a job you done on us, Clintons.  Are megacorporations still just people?

Best,  Terry


  1. Now you one excellent reason why.

  2. Now you know why.

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