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One Size Cloaks All

Nov. 23, 2012 – A metamaterial invisibility cloak that can adapt to hide different sized objects is demonstrated by in Nature Communications this week. The findings represent a useful advance for more practical applications of metamaterial cloaking…

Metamaterials have already been shown to hide objects from electromagnetic waves by manipulating the light so that it appears to have not interacted with anything. However, these cloaks need to be redesigned and rebuilt if the shape of the object changes. Kyoungsik Kim and colleagues now present a smart metamaterial that is able to adapt to changes in the object shape, so that a range of objects may be hidden by one cloak.…

Take that, Superman, with your stinking x-ray vision that sees under clothes at airports.

Just tripping the light fantastic as we used to say but never got around to.

But there is even better news for people as opposed to snoops.

‘Temporal Cloaking’ Could Bring More Secure Optical Communications

June 5, 2013 – Researchers have demonstrated a method for “temporal cloaking” of optical communications, representing a potential tool to thwart would-be eavesdroppers and improve security for telecommunications.

“More work has to be done before this approach finds practical application, but it does use technology that could integrate smoothly into the existing telecommunications infrastructure,” said Purdue University graduate student Joseph Lukens, working with Andrew Weiner, the Scifres Family Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.…

Hey, what’s with that electrical and computer engineering?  Is that some way of hiding from the snoops at the CIA who always work in the dark?

You have to talk optonics for this stuff rather than the old-fashioned electronics.


No wonder the Republicans (and the Obama Democrats, if the full truth be told) want to gut research for the [chuckle] balanced budget.

Best,  Terry

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