Killing Kids

Ex-Pentagon official has ‘heavy heart’ over US teen’s inadvertent killing by drone


That’s so sweet.  I hadn’t heard before that the son of the American father in Yemen was a collateral casualty.

Either way it’s just tough luck:

In the op-ed, Nasser Al-Awlaki  said he planned to petition a federal court to hold U.S. officials responsible for the drone strike.

“My grandson was killed by his own government,” he wrote. “The Obama administration must answer for its actions and be hold accountable.”  (The Justice Department has previously asserted that the families of victims of drone strikes don’t have standing to sue in the U.S. courts and Johnson did not address that issue in his remarks. A Justice spokesman did not respond to a request for comment. )

More than you get from Zimmerman I guess – at least until he faces new charges.

More than 8 schoolkids and a goatherd of the same age in Afghanistan who were rousted out of bed, handcuffed and executed by firearms got but then they weren’t Americans and weren’t killed by a drone.

Always need to keep distinctions in mind when killing kids.

Best,  Terry


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