Psycho Ward Attitude Correction Comes to America

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NYPD Threw Truth-Telling Cop in Psycho Ward for 6 Days, and Tried to Coerce Crime Victims to Produce Better Stats…

The old Soviet Union used to make liberal use of insane asylums to squelch dissent under the rational assumption that anyone protesting in such a dictatorship had to be crazy.

There is no intention here of claiming that America is quite so brutal nor as systematic.  The headline betrays a somewhat less than – umm, unbiased report but the lengthy detailing of matters does clearly demonstrate the farce of claiming that reporting inside an abusive bureaucracy is likely to lead to correction.

An investigating officer appointed in Vietnam when I was there was tasked to look into matters when a sgt was charged with misconduct.  “Hanging Sam” Williams (the appellation came from the general being a Nuremburg judge) had decided the troops needed some discipline and, much like Obama’s recent word to civil servants to look for troublemakers among fellow workers, word went out that the general needed some examples.

The investigating officer actually did an investigation of the reported “incident.”  He reported the sergeant had done nothing at all wrong.  Not very smart.  While the sergeant was accepting a cut in pay and loss of rank rather than being court martialed, the investigating officer got a letter of reprimand sent to him and his commanding officer ordering that the lieutenant be instructed on how to do an impartial and thorough investigation.

Well that’s just routine in the military as Bradley Manning could tell you now were he allowed but now we are going civilian.

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  1. They may not learn but their comrades do or die.

    Best,  Terry

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