We Liberals Just Don’t Get We Should Surrender to Romney Democrats

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Cory Booker Wins Senate Primary: The Far-Left Wins Nothing — Again


To be honest, I may know even less than this rightwing hack editorializing in the tabloid Huffington Post about Cory Booker.

What I do know is that Cory Booker, fake liberal, was enraged with the attacks on Romney’s “capitalism” in which Cory Booker apparently partakes with his own “private equity” corporation.  These outfits have been the primary driver, along with their financiers, in de-industrializing America and pouring trillions of dollars into off-shore tax shelters.

if the far-left was more politically savvy, its strongest voices would’ve seen the strategic advantage in supporting Booker even though they don’t align exactly with Booker’s politics. The smart play here would’ve been to have supported Booker knowing that they’d have been more successful lobbying a would-be Senator Booker in support of progressive legislation than it would’ve been to lobby a would-be Republican Senator Lonegan.

And how successful will actual Democrats [I prefer the old profane canards from Rahm Immanuel to the softer lies from Bob Cesca] be explaining to a vulture that feasting on the rotting corpses of businesses that he has killed may not be preferable to getting businesses runing and workers employed in America?

You never really know how things will turn out.  The ugly, demented Nixon somehow presided over the most liberal administration in America in the 20th Century despite all its failings.

The sainted Jimmy Carter abandoned Keynes and gave us the Misery Index before Bill Clinton really took the economies of the whole damn planet down by heeding the advice of Larry Summers to rid restraints on the bankers.

The latter was all so predictable that even I did so though admittedly I couldn’t possibly have been more wrong about Nixon.  I just don’t trust the unbalanced haters.

Booker has yet to show his true color, so to speak.

Best,  Terry

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  1. Imagine an actual liberal as president.  

    And the Indians get their country back. 🙂

    Good to dream.  Helps the passage to nothingness.

    Best,  Terry

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