Senior League Division Series: Dodgers @ Mets Game 3

Saturday’s Game

Top 2nd Leadoff Solo Shot.  Mets 1 – 0.  Solo Shot.  Mets 2 – 0.

Bottom 4th Ground Rule Double.  RBI Double.  Mets 2 – 1.

Bottom 7th.  Raul Tejada criminally assaulted by Chase Utley.  Dodgers 5 – 2.

Series Tied at 1.

Analysis and Setup

People who know me say I’m the quiet type, keep to myself.  I like to think I’m very reasonable and non- confrontational.

Were I Manager, here’s how it goes down.

On Chase Utley’s very first at bat I take my Starter and send him to the field to play a position.  It doesn’t matter which one.  I bring in my hardest throwing, most disposable Reliever and when I make the call to the Bullpen I say-

“You have one pitch.  Be sure it’s a good one.”

Of course we’re both ejected.  Probably suspended and fined.  My Bench Coach takes over, brings back the Starter, game continues.

The next time Chase Utley’s at bat, my Bench Coach puts the Starter in the field.  The Umpires probably eject him right then.

Doesn’t matter.  Is Major League Baseball going to take over Managing one of the teams?  I think that’s a game they don’t want to play.  Is this the WWE where Vince calls the shots?

If Utley isn’t benched for his own safety by the time his spot rolls around the 3rd time, when one of my Bat Boys (there are about 12 or 15 Coaches of various sorts I’ll run through first, but my purpose is firm) sends the Reliever to the field, what will they do then?

And afterward, at what will no doubt be an exciting and well reported News Conference, this is what I will say-

This is perfectly good, old school, hard play.”

Well, I wasn’t going to the Hall anyway.  I’ll find a College someplace.  Maybe a Radio or TV gig.

But ek!  The entire Coaching Staff is fired or under suspension!

We have Minor Leagues.  Those guys aren’t doing anything except sitting on their ass watching the game and wishing they were me anyway.  Voila!  Fully staffed.

Forfeit the game?  Forfeit the Divisional Series?  Do you think Major League Baseball is willing to go down in History (because Baseball is all about History) putting their thumb on the scale that much?

This is bigger than the Black Sox and the Media (at least the New York part of it) is going to sympathize with  me even if they don’t say so and they’re much more efficient (if no less corrupt) than they were in 1919.  Baseball will take years to recover, if it ever does.

If the Series continues and Chase Utley comes to the plate it is deja vu all over again.  He will slink away bruised, battered, and humiliated.

And so shall he ride the bench a coward in every game against the Mets until he retires.

But what if you just lose?

With this much smoke it won’t be a ‘just lose’, it will be a rallying cry, a cause, a legend.  It will put butts in the seats for years.  These guys have shown that they’re good enough to make it back next year, the Minors are full of talent (not quite as good as the Cards but who is?) and there’s enough money to re-sign the wheat and replace the chaff.  The Mets will do fine in 2016 and if they don’t…

Well, we’re used to that.

And should we win there’s this magical thing where you can change your roster with each new Series in the Playoffs.  They can’t fire everybody unless they’re willing to seize control of the Ball Club WHICH is it’s own company.

If they do that then maybe we should be looking at that ‘Anti-Trust Exemption’.

The Mets will be putting Matt Harvey (R, 13 – 8, 2.71 ERA) on the mound.  Brett Anderson (L, 10 – 9, 3.69 ERA) will start for the Dodgers.  If certain unfortunate things had not occurred I might be talking more about Harvey’s contract, but it seems kind of pointless at the moment.

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