A Nation Of Bullies

I have recently boasted of my extreme age (120+, mid 30s in 1926- do the math) and it has certainly made me aware of the stupid massacres noble sacrifices of our hegemonic aggression glorious wars. A paltry 100 thousand or so in the War to End All Wars (you know, because it was so bloody and wasteful). A mere half Million (generously) in the inevitable sequel 20 years later.

A sanguinary test of courage and national will.

Russia on the other hand suffered 3 and 27 Million and they were our ally in both.

Not that I regard them with favor. Stalinist Communism is Fascism by another name, only the pockets change not the personalities that own them. And I am totally brainwashed by propaganda like this-

That’s why I’m incredibly encouraged that Stars Hollow is outside the thermal radius for 3rd degree burns (you know, vaporizing your entire skin so you die in screaming agony) of 46 miles from lower Manhattan.

Pick a destination yourself, be sure to use 100 Megaton Tsar Bombs for maximum effect and you’ll end up with only 14 Million Casualties more or less depending on population density.

We’ll meet again…

It astonishes me that people think that challenging Russia (or China for that matter) is a good idea. What makes you think we will win? What would winning look like anyway?