John Oliver on Health Insurance Reform

Please. A Cure for Cancer is Healthcare reform. Both Obamacare and Trumpcare are about forcing people into a captive marketplace where Monopolistic and greedy plutocratic Mega Corporations are guaranteed 20% profits by denying and rationing care except that which is most lucrative for Big Pharma, Big Hospital, Big Diagnostic (tests cost more than you think and more than they should) and Doctors (who also benefit from protectionist Trade Policies like the U.S. residency requirement, not that they have to live here, just that they have to spend a period of indentured servitude no matter how qualified and accomplished they are).

There is a simple way to recapture that 20%- Single Payer Medicare for All and this is the choice of the vast majority of the developed world (i.e. not the U.S.). By having a negotiator to counter the Monopolistic power of Big Pharma, Big Hospital, Big Diagnostic, and Doctors you reduce their “middleman” cut too. Government, your tax dollars, already fund most research and development so that’s a pitiful excuse if not a transparent lie (Epipen).

These guys are just as self serving as any Bankster and deserve the same Spandau treatment they do.

Oh, and it’s a $50,000 tax break for every Millionaire and an increase on everyone else without addressing the real problems.

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