Bill Black on Grenfell and Neo Liberalism


London Grenfell Inferno: Who’s to Blame?

Now, what is Tony Blair’s role in all of this? Tony Blair of course, A, and Gordon Brown, were the Labour Party prime ministers for many years after Thatcher and some major in between and such. They had over a decade to fix this. They not only didn’t fix this, Blair in 2005 gave his infamous speech on risk in which he mocked people for being risk averse. He mocked them for not being willing to be injured without getting compensation from the who injured them. He called that a compensation culture, acted like people were being wussy and silly and American, type of thing.

He said that workers, remember, he ran the Labour Party, he said that laborers were unduly worried about having safe working conditions, and that it was critical for British industry to have less safe working conditions so that they could compete with places like Bangladesh, where factories might kill 1000 people because they were so negligently designed and operated. But in particular with regard to these kinds of major risk and crises, he said, “We just have to accept the fact that accidents happen and we have to stop when there is tragedy, thinking we should change things, and investigating them.” That was a terrible dynamic.

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