Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei

I almost think Trump could have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for the Nazis.

There are a lot of Bigots, Racists, and Misogynists in this country and, you know, they actually agree that Blacks, Latinos, Women, LGBT people, Jews are inferior and it’s ok to persecute and discriminate against them. It’s not an unpopular view at all.

And there are at least 150 years of dog whistles and coded phrases so volk like that can communicate with each other even though they know morally and scientifically they don’t have a leg to stand on. Genetic differences, except for the LGBT who are simply perverts and not allowed genes. God ordained it, except that the lines of Cain and Ham perished. That’s in the Bible, if you can read.

I suspect for many it’s a horrible corruption of schadenfreude. No matter how much your life sucks at least you’re not a filthy, stinking…

Well, fill in the blank.

If the object of glee’s life is not unfortunate enough there are plenty of those who’ll be happy to assist in making sure that it is because it’s what they deserve.

Anyway, you can do a lot of that and still get laughed off as “my racist Cousin/Aunt/Grandfather/Co-Worker/Neighbor, but other than that eccentric quirk he’s a fine person. Every day is Halloween. He likes to dress as a ghost. Carry around torches and nooses, what a hoot.”

But you can’t wear a Swastika even at a sadomasochist orgy (looking right at you Max Mosley).

Why is that do you suppose?

Could it be because they killed around 50 Million people in WW II including between 6 and 12 Million Jews and other undesirables (Gypsies, Communists, Political Dissidents, Crippled and Mentally Ill people, Homosexuals, etc.)? It could be, though volume is not necessarily significant, but it is also a fact that WW II is THE central myth of United States self righteousness and has justified a lot of objectively heinous acts by our Governmental Elites since 1945.

Nazis are evil, Evil, EVIL! We killed a lot of them therefore we are good. How many gagillion War Movies are there? Now, in how many are the Nazis the good guys?

Not a lot.

More than that, though they are getting a bit long in the tooth there are a ton of people who experienced the horror of WW II still alive. I study History so I know, but to many 1863 was a looong time ago and didn’t we just have a Black President (an exceptionally bad Neo Liberal one, but there is no doubt he was Black)? Problem solved!

Whatever inbred idiot (again, in a clinical sense) “Lost Noble Cause” revanchist racist came up with the idea that marching with Jack Booted Goose Stepping embodiments of our collective demons whose defeat symbolizes our “exceptionally” greathearted, magnanimous, and courageous nature ought to be shot as a traitor or given a medal by those of us who think these benighted ideologies are fundamentally wrong.

You’ve done more damage than I could ever possibly do.

Oh, and that applies to you too Donald.

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