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dosaggio vardenafil 20 mg Trump Confirms Support for Law to Protect ‘Dreamers’
SEPT. 14, 2017

President Trump confirmed on Thursday morning that he supports legislation that would protect young undocumented immigrants from deportation and would deliver a “massive” increase in border security — but not with a wall on the southern border.

Mr. Trump’s comments, both in Washington and in Florida, affirmed the broad parameters of an agreement that Democratic leaders unilaterally announced Wednesday night after accutane price dinner with the president at the White House.

In remarks to reporters as he left the White House on Thursday, Mr. Trump said, “We’re working on a plan for DACA,” referring to protections for immigrants who are part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. He confirmed, “the wall will come later.”

Mr. Trump’s comments seemed to getting prescription prednisone online contradict his own Twitter posts early Thursday morning when he said, “no deal was made last night on DACA.” But they were very much in line with Democratic leaders’ statements. Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the House Democratic leader, also stopped short of calling their agreement a “deal” on Thursday.

But she told reporters, “We agreed to a plan to protect our nation’s Dreamers from deportation,” adding that there would be a “border security measure that does not include a wall” included in immigration legislation.

Republican leaders were contacted after the fact. In a curt statement, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, confirmed that the president called him Thursday morning to discuss immigration issues.

Mr. Trump has sent mixed messages on the program. He has said he would end it, then he gave Congress time to come up with a legislative solution after he was widely criticized in the media for his decision to end DACA. Mr. Trump has also said he would reconsider the matter if Congress failed to act, even as his own attorney general called the program unconstitutional.

Wednesday’s dinner followed an Oval Office meeting last week with Democratic leadership when Mr. Trump http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=miglior-sito-per-acquistare-viagra-generico-100-mg-a-Parma sided with the Democrats about the debt ceiling — over the objections of Republicans and his own Treasury secretary.

Conservatives attacked Mr. Trump after Wednesday’s reported deal.

Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa, wrote on Twitter that if the reports were true, “Trump base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable, and disillusioned beyond repair. No promise is credible.”

The headline “Amnesty Don” led the website Breitbart, run by Mr. Trump’s former chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon.

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