Hillary Speaks

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow had a live one hour interview with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They spoke on many topics including the possibility of Sec. Clinton running for public office again, which the secretary absolutely ruled out. That doesn’t mean she’s going away. In the fist segment she and Rachel discussed Trump’s behavior and the decimation of the State Department.

Sec. Clinton expressed her view that Trump and some of his staff are a threat to the United States and hoped that there were more level headed staff members who would help to contain him fron doing any serious harm.

The subject of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s interference wit the 2016 election and Trump’s weak response, as well as, her own history with Putin.

The secretary also spoke about how she is viewed by the public and the challwnges she would have faced had she been elected. She also spoke about hose Trump has ledd people to be more sexist and mysogynistic.

The conversation turned to former FBI Director James Comey, how he handles the e-mail case and the Trump Russian investigation .

In the last segment, Sec. Clinton discussed her future as a political activist and working with non-profit organizations.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is not going away. She is one of the smartest politicians in the US and America needs to hear her. Those who don’t want to listen to what she says should change just the channel, or sit down and shut up as the right is so want to tell those on the left.