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Netroots Nation

There’s a reason I don’t go to Netroots Nation any more and it’s not because I’m ashamed of anything I’ve done or said in a little over 12 years of public writing (as a matter of fact I’m mostly pretty proud of all of it except the stuff that was uninspired which while not bad because I never publish anything that’s a total piece of crap there’s no denying that some stuff is better than others).

Nope. It’s because for several years they’ve chosen as a policy (and I don’t necessarily disagree with it) to hold their events in Red States because they think that’s where they’ll have the most political impact.

Fair enough, but it means that you end up in places like Georgia and Texas during the hottest and most humid parts of summer and the climate entirely sucks the joy out of seeing people tremble and blanch when they realize I’m not a 7′ 1″ airline pilot and am instead dove comprare Viagra generico 100 mg a Venezia ek hornbeck. Sports as Politics

I too have suffered the embarassment of hamstring pulls while filling out lineup cards.

generic viagra uk I quanto costa viagra generico 100 mg online a Parma never watch Reality TV

Umm… who is she again? Orange Lanyards. That takes me back.

Sigh. They didn’t interview source url propecia buy me and I would have recognized them and given a good one too. I’m already famous on 2 French channels and CBC.