Age Appropriate

Among my bad habits is the fact I watch terrible “Reality” TV programming on the History and Discovery Channels. One or the other had a show a while back about a gun shop owner whose claim to fame was that he invented a noise suppressor for an AK-47, something that was generally considered impossible because of the rifle’s configuration and method of operation.

That’s how I know that nobody in the industry calls them “silencers” because it’s not what they do, you can still hear the explosions they’re just quieter.

People who buy them claim they do so to save their ears because they fire off a lot of rounds (they’re target shooters not hunters), and I suppose they’re marginally effective but not nearly as good as using the Ear Muffs that you see airport ground crew wear when they’re working near the engines.

Of course you look like an orange eared Cyberman which I guess is too geeky for these outdoorsmen (even though they shoot targets, not game). Junior likes them because they suit his macho fish in a barrel great white hunter cosplay.

As for the kidlings? They’re going to blow out their hearing listening to death metal rap through their earbuds anyway.

(h/t Matthew Rozsa @ Salon)