Worse Than Trump

Don’t let Vice President Mike Pence fool you with his quiet, genteel manner. Like all of Donald Trump’s choices for offices in his administration, Pence is a horror who is worse than Trump and a heartbeat, or impeachment, away from being in charge. Staff writer for The New Yorker Magazine and author, Jane Mayer wrote a scathing profile of the vice president and former Indiana governor. Ms. Mayer recounts his mediocre journey into politics, highlighting his unremarkable 12 years in the House, his one term as governor and his alliance with the Koch brothers and the Tea Party. Pence’s politics were always farther right than the mainstream conservative GOP, especially with regards to abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, immigration, guns, trade and free speech, he just spread his poisonous policies with a smile.

Last night Ms. Mayer joined MSNBC host Rachel Maddow to discuss how Pence’s religious extremism and incompetence made his so unpopular in Indiana before Trump chose him for VP. They also spoke about Pence’s legal jeopardy in Trump’s scandals, especially his roles in the failure to vet Mike Flynn and the obfuscation of the firing James Comey.

The Dangers of President Pence is a long read but certainly worth the time.