Bread Substitute And Icky Wax Part 2

Look, this metaphor may be new to my writing but I’ve shared it in real life for years (mostly to uncomprehending stares, you creep me out folks, at least pretend to understand and humor me that way, I got it first time).

Roy Moore is a sexual predator posing as a Christian. He’s no different from a Priest Pedophile. He’s a Republican racist of the worst sort and Trump is absolutely correct that he’d be a reliable vote.

Were I in Alabama (and trust me on this one, I’d rather gnaw off my right arm than get stuck in Alabama) I’d have no trouble at all deciding whom to hate.

I hate Democratic hypocrites too, so it’s not like I’m a reflexive tribalist. Moore is a shameless villain that deserves to be isolated for the protection of society. Literally any random citizen chosen by lot (hey, Athens did it that way for a long time) would be better.

Well, maybe. This is Alabama we’re talking about.

Now the truth is what this election will show is if negative campaigning and identity politics is ever enough. It’s hard to think of a candidate more reprehensible than Roy Moore except Zombie Hitler. I’m afraid that Democrats, if Doug Jones wins, will learn all the wrong lessons about Third Way New Democrat Neo Liberalism. It didn’t stop Trump.