Hitting On Eighth Graders

You know, maybe it’s ok if you’re in the 9th Grade and you have a Junior High School (7th, 8th, and 9th Grade) / High School (10th, 11th, 12th) Educational System.

My second girlfriend (I wasn’t fast enough for my first one, a classmate) was a Junior (High School, get your filthy minds out of the gutter) and I was a Senior. I couldn’t beg a date (and believe me I tried) with my contemporary object of desire (also a classmate), and the girl I ended up dating was charming and intelligent. She’d been raised in Europe (Dad was an executive in a multi-national) and knew 4 languages including English. She was new to school, a little odd for most of the students (though she fit right in with my crowd) and looking for a friend. When she asked me to Junior Prom I could hardly say no, nor would it have been fair to ditch reciprocation for Senior Prom.

We liked each other a lot, I think, and we had other dates together, but even then age was an awkward thing.

I went away to College and she was stuck in High School which she basically hated. We saw each other as often as we could. I did her Senior Prom too but when she picked a school it was a continent away and though we promised to stay in touch of course we didn’t. I hope she’s had a fine life, she was a wonderful person.

Since then I’ve usually ended up with women a little older than I (starting to get hard to find them) and I think that’s just great because they get most of my jokes, or at least pretend to.

If you’re 30+ though, dating teenage girls is not normal. It’s super creepy. He was banned from a Mall!

Doesn’t remember? He had to ask their parents for permission!

“Love. Roy Moore, D.A.”

Too Alabama? I guess… maybe.

Actually some kind of procedural sleight-of-hand is about the worst of all possible outcomes. Moore could lose. He could get all deficit hawk if he wins. If Sessions vacates it opens the possibility to pick a new AG who won’t have to recuse and will fire Mueller which will draw roars of outrage and exactly no action.