Just Last Week!

Look, I doubt there are many who are more supportive of Sam Bee than I, after all I thought they ought to put her and Jason Jones in charge at The Daily Show and do a spoof of the Happy/Eyewitness News Format in the Colbert Pundit mold.

It’s still a good idea dammit.

Alas she likes the weekly format and she’s very good at it. While her YouTube channel is not quite as well curated as Colbert’s and Seth Meyer’s (hey, it’s only Basic Cable money, not Network money) she’s really inclusive and I admire that.

All of which is to say that I have no excuse for not highlighting last week’s effort except that I was lazy and distracted. It was as good as always and in retrospect seems amazingly prescient.

A Terrible Person

I mean John Kelly, racism apologist. Sorry, there are so many you need a scorecard.

What’s the difference between Terrorism and a Tragic Mass Killing?

Oh, that’s right. Scary Brown Muslim people. And Guns.

Don’t forget the history of Domesic Violence.

Amazingly foresighted. That piece was broadcast on November 1st. The Sutherland Springs Church Shooting? November 5th.

Scary, huh? She must be a witch. Does she weigh the same as a duck? Why a duck?

Because it’s a classic comedy bit pioneered by Groucho Marx.

Here’s an alternate take by Jordan Klepper.

He also believes in witches.

I hope we’re now all clear about this witch thing. I’m a stone cold atheist and think it’s all a bunch of hooey myself.

Hope you all enjoyed that democracy

I thought this would be so fun. Instead it’s so depressing. In New Hampshire you actually have to stand up and be counted. How retro is that? Anyway, another episode tonight.